7 Graphic Design Trends Small Businesses Should Watch Out For In 2023

7 Graphic Design Trends Small Businesses Should Watch Out For In 2023

As 2023 approaches, you can expect to witness several new graphic design trends. That is because digital marketing is evolving with new shifts and technological developments. And graphic design must follow suit because it’s an integral part of online marketing. That said, you must keep up to date with contemporary designs to remain relevant to the dynamic trends.

As a small business owner, it’d help to work with expert graphic designers who’ve perfected their art and are constantly searching for new ways to enhance their impact. When outsourcing designers, finding the best for your company will be easy when you know what’s trending.

Keep reading and learn some of the few graphic designs you should watch out for in 2023.

1. Animation And Illustrations

Animation and illustration are progressively becoming trendy in the graphic design space. Such elements can be used to create exceptional and captivating attention-grabbing designs. An illustration is one of the most incredible ways to sketch additional details for your branding or design project. Animation is also a way to add motion to your designs, and it’s ideal if you want to add a bit of excitement and fun to your marketing content. Incorporate illustrations into your work and convert them into animations that give your website design a touch of life.

2. Pastel And Brilliant Colors

Pastel and bright colors will remain popular in 2023 designs. Bright and bold colors are perfect for your business if you want to develop lively and entertaining images. They’re effective at attracting attention. So, if you want to build a brand on your social platforms, design graphics with a snap of energy and thrill.

Also, in 2023, you’ll notice designs highlighting nostalgic components and color shades—for instance, purple vintage colors with more flat and less saturated hues. This trend is best if you want to benefit from sentimental customers impressed with vintage colors. They instantly express vibrancy and strength and can easily speak to the consumer.

3. 3D Design

The use of three-dimensional (3D) design typography and elements will continue to grow in popularity in 2023. Whether in animated or still images, the 3D approach makes graphic design creations look more authentic, unique, and eye-catching and pop off the screen. Besides, 3D typography adds an extra degree of dimensionality and depth to your brand’s designs. Consider including three-dimensional components in your work for your designs to be outstanding and hard to look away from, generating more leads to your site or social media page.

4. Inclusion And Diversity Design

Another huge trend you should look out for in 2023 is inclusion and diversity in graphic design. Inclusivity means designing graphics that factor in societal concerns like culture, race, and gender.

With the world becoming more connected, you become more mindful of how diverse people are. You must feature your background and culture in your work and participate in awareness campaigns promoting diversity. This kind of representation creates more space for ideas, voices, and points of view that have been mostly ignored for a long time.

5. Dark Mode

The dark mode theme started with mobile phones, transitioned to social media networks, and now it’s seen on websites. A dark mode theme consists of simple, light text on a dark background, and it is surprisingly adaptable. This added effect is excellent for the eyes since most audiences spend a lot of time on their gadgets. A dark theme decreases eye strain. Plus, it comes with smooth advanced visual sharpness and appeal. Therefore, consider this if you want your audiences to stay a little longer on your site.

6. Classic Serif Fonts

This traditional, classic font was previously considered too old-fashioned to be used in branding. However, it has recently reclaimed its status as a crucial graphic design component. Serif fonts evoke feelings of safety and heritage. It also has qualities and historical significance that many other fonts do not, for instance, the long tails at the top and bottom of the letters.

Serif fonts are ideal for branding material, logos, and other premium design projects. Using serif fonts in your graphics gives you more classic and traditional graphic design elements, which can be a great way to add a touch of style to designs.

7. Reference To Traditional Media

As digital media continue to grow and evolve, more graphic designers want to relate and reference their work to traditional methods such as sculpting, painting, and photography. Traditional mediums such as watercolor and paper in graphic design will be an emerging trend. Images or designs that appear to have been created by human hands provide the sense of connection most consumers seek. You’re also likelier to see designs with more natural shapes and textures, as they’re created with imperfections that bring charming affection.


The world of graphic design is constantly evolving. Hence, in 2023, you expect to see more illustration, animation, brilliant colors, and many other graphic design trends develop. Depending on your business type and preferred style, consider what’s trendy and be prepared to try new graphic design techniques. For guaranteed results, work with professional graphic design firms who’ve mastered the ins and outs of creating outstanding images.

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