7 Tips to Successfully Rebrand Your Business in 2023

7 Tips to Successfully Rebrand Your Business in 2023


Rebranding a business is always tough. But in many cases, it’s necessary. Maybe you’ve expanded and want to draw a larger target market to your business than before. Or maybe you’ve decided to rework what you offer, and you’re trying to attract new audience members while informing the general public of your focus switch.

Whatever the case may be, you can rebrand your business successfully, especially if you follow these seven smart strategies below.

Send Out “Teaser” Materials

When rebranding your business, it’s important to send out teaser materials to your anticipatory customers. Teaser materials can include:

  • Teaser posters counting down the days until the relaunch
  • Teaser advertisements or posters showcasing hints about future products
  • An “under construction” page on your website
  • And so on

The right teaser materials can prepare your target audience for the rebranding well ahead of launch day. The last thing you want to do is surprise your target audience members with something as big and important as this!

Make a New, But Related, Logo

One of the best ways to promote your business’ rebranding is to reinvent its logo. After all, your brand’s logo is the single icon that represents it to your target audience members and the general public. A rebranding is the perfect opportunity to switch up the logo and make it new, just like your new focus or new products.

You can use free logo maker tools like PosterMyWall to design stellar logos without any graphic design experience. However, you’ll be wise to make your logo related to or similar to the old logo.

Having your new logo aesthetically similar to the old one will help your current audience members find your brand after the rebranding campaign finishes. Plus, it’ll help tie your brand to your old products: a major concern if you want to continue selling those products even after you complete the switch to your new business format/aesthetic.

Spread Word on Social

Social media is a great place to engage with your target audience members and promote new products. So it’s no surprise that it’s also a great vector to post rebranding materials and spread the word of your upcoming relaunch. 

Bring up your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform profiles and draw up some posts announcing the rebranding campaign. It’s a good idea to keep the above tips about sending out teaser materials in mind when posting on social media, too.

The right social media posts can drum up anticipation or excitement for your upcoming relaunch, plus make people curious about what your brand will offer once the relaunch is complete. When rebranding on social media, be sure to create engaging and attractive social media graphics, which will make your rebranding effort seem exciting and interesting.

Post on social media consistently, and have your social media manager ready to answer questions from your target audience members. They may want to know how your rebranding will affect them, what you plan to offer in the future, and whether you’ll continue to offer your current products and services. Your social media page is a great place to answer these questions and alleviate any concerns your customers might have.

Schedule Some Journalistic Coverage

Good PR means controlling the conversation from start to finish. With that in mind, you should schedule some journalistic coverage for your rebranding, whether that’s a local newspaper, a podcast host, or even a blog that people among your target audience read.

Schedule some journalistic coverage and explain:

  • What the rebranding means to your customers
  • The purpose behind the rebranding
  • What you hope customers will take away from the rebranding 
  • And more

If you don’t already, assign someone (even if it’s just yourself) to be in charge of these conversations. That’ll ensure that your rebranding press materials have the same voice and goals. 

Talk to Your Brand Ambassadors 

If your brand has brand ambassadors – people among your target audience who promote your brand on your behalf, but who don’t work for your company outright – speak to them about the upcoming relaunch effort.

Your brand ambassadors can be excellent means to make your relaunch seem like a positive thing to your target audience rather than something to be worried about. Furthermore, your brand ambassadors can make people excited for the upcoming launch, particularly if you give your ambassadors information like:

  • A new product you plan to release
  • The improvements and benefits the rebrand will bring

Tell a Story 

With any rebranding effort, it’s important to tell a story so your customers can get on your side and see it as an ultimately good thing. Your story should include:

  • A brief breakdown of your brand and its history so far
  • An explanation of the event or events that cause you to push for a rebranding
  • The benefits that the rebranding will bring, especially in terms of raw value to your customers
  • How you hope your customers will take the rebrand
  • What your business will look like in the future

Telling a story is important so your customers buy into the overall marketing narrative. If needed, put this story on your “under construction” website so curious consumers can have all their questions answered quickly and simply.

Have Answers Ready for Likely Questions

Speaking of questions, create an FAQ page and write down the answers to likely questions like:

  • Why are you rebranding in the first place?
  • Are you going to get rid of important products or services?
  • Will you continue to support customers who purchased your previous products and services?
  • And so on

Give these answers to your PR or social media personnel so they can answer customer questions quickly and efficiently. 

As you can see, rebranding is a matter of preparing the public and your target audience for the upcoming switch. It’s also wise to use public relations strategies and to anticipate potential responses to your rebranding. Bottom line: follow the tips above, and your rebranding efforts will be much more likely to succeed and lead you to future profits. 

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