BAPA football club, does it work or is it a scam?

BAPA football club, does it work or is it a scam?

Automatic investment platforms are depopulating on the internet. Some of these bots, otherwise known as trading bots or trading robots, are among the most requested solutions today with regards to investments in the world of betting but also in the world of cryptocurrencies. In particular, as far as the betting sector is concerned, we talk about sports trading, or a practice that allows you to buy and sell betting odds, just like you do for shares or cryptocurrencies, and make a profit. Bapa Football App is one of the latest software that promises to do this.

What is Bapa Football club

Bapa Football is a sports trading platform (in particular matched betting) whose operation, as we will see, is based on cryptocurrencies.

It is a reverse betting platform where inaccurate results of certain football matches are rewarded.

In a nutshell, if you bet on the draw result of a match, the bet will be a winner if one of the two teams, by the end of regular time, takes home the victory.

Therefore, with Bapa Football App it is possible to bet on the odds of football matches, maximizing profits.

How? This platform, using an intelligent algorithm, identifies when it is the exact moment to enter a certain quota of a certain football match, thanks also to a precious database that manages in a fraction of a second to analyze data, statistics and history of the odds of the event in question.

Very similar to the betting exchange, Bapa Football is a way like any other to invest in football, betting or banking this or that odds, so as to make a profit.

Key features of Bapa Football

Let’s now see what are the key features of the Bapa Football app. Later we will also see how to register and open a gaming account.

No territorial restrictions

The Bapa Football app has no geo-restrictions and can be used on any mobile device, computer and so on. The most effective way to start investing in Bapa Football sports trading is to download the app on your mobile phone, as we will see below. Among other things, Bapa Football also has a section dedicated to real-time scores, which is why the app is twice as useful.

Withdrawals and top-ups 24 hours a day

You can make deposits and withdrawals (minimum $ 10) practically at any time of the day, just like the most classic betting accounts. We have dedicated a specific paragraph below to the payment methods.

Minimum investment

Here the minimum deposit is only $ 20, a nice advantage over all other trading robots that offer the possibility of investing starting with a minimum deposit of $ 250.

How does Bapa Football work?

The key feature of Bapa Football App is to focus on the sports betting market and matched betting. Yet, everything revolves around cryptocurrencies as we will see later.

Its operation is based on “Reverse Correct Score Betting”. This is a traditional betting method which consists of betting on the final score of a match.

For example, if you bet on the final result of 3 to 1, our prediction will be successful if this final score is not achieved. There are 18 scoring options for each match chosen, so the win rate is 94%.

Once registered on the site, Bapa Football will offer its customers the possibility of doing sports trading at high levels, using a sophisticated mathematical algorithm.

On his behalf, the user will only have to limit himself to making the deposit on his wallet (or wallet) and follow the instructions coming from the AI ​​algorithm which from time to time will indicate the games to be followed in order to record the greatest possible profit.

This is a semi-automatic service, where the user is left with only a few simple tasks that can exempt him from the need to conduct analyzes and forecasts.

At the base of Bapa Football, as already mentioned, there is trading on sports betting. It is a particular type of trading where one generally invests in the shares of certain sporting events: the more the share decreases, the more the share is lowered, the more the investor’s position acquires value.

The Bapa Football system closely resumes that of the betting exchange and is based precisely on this type of operation in the world of football betting.

Welcome Bonus on Bapa Football

When registering on the Bapa Football website, an interesting no deposit welcome bonus is accompanied. How to unlock the offer? Once you have registered, you must follow the instructions to contact the Bapa Football sales office via Telegram, to which you will send the screenshot of your account ID. In this way you will be entitled to a bonus that can go up to 20 USDT.

Open an account on Bapa Football App

We have seen briefly what are the main features of Bapa Football. We just have to take a look at the procedure for opening an account on this trading platform, so as to start making sports investments right away.

Step 1: Register on the Bapa Football website

The first thing to do is to go to the Bapa Football website and register a game account. You will need to choose a username and password and that’s it!

Step 2: download the app

After registering, you will have to download the Bapa Football app (available for both Android and iOS devices). Once the app is installed, you must log in with the data previously created during the registration phase.

Step 3: Make the deposit

At this point it is necessary to make a deposit of at least 20 USDT by connecting your cryptocurrency wallet to the app. If you don’t have a wallet yet, you will need to do it through one of the best crypto exchanges. The deposit, we remind you, must be done in USDT (which is a stablecoin, or a cryptocurrency that relies on the US dollar in this case) through the TRC20 chain, using a crypto wallet of your choice.

Step 4: top up the account

To make the deposit, simply go to the screen at the bottom right, the one dedicated to your Account and press the green Reload button. From here, select USDT-TRC20, manually enter the amount you want to receive and continue. The next screen shows you your address to which you can go to deposit the USDT. You copy it, then go to your crypto wallet and from that point make a withdrawal of USDT (via the TRC20 network) by pasting the address you just copied. Within a few minutes you will see the amount credited to your account in the Bapa Football app and you will be ready to make your first automatic bets.

Step 5: Sports trading with Bapa Football

Every day it is possible to bet on a maximum of 4 games by following the instructions given on the Telegram BAPA Honor Team. If you do not take the bet on one of the games indicated, the amount will still be refunded. This way you can earn 3% to 7% every day. What’s more, by taking advantage of compound interest, it is also possible to reach important figures in a short time.

Compound interest calculation, what is it?

We have said that with Bapa Football it is possible to earn about 3% (and up to 7%) per day on your investments. You can take further advantage by taking advantage of compound interest. What is it about?

By reinvesting your capital with each bet, you can take advantage of the compound interest which consists of an additional and possible 3.5% profit on the games offered every day.

Referral program on Bapa Football

On Bapa Football there is also an invitation program (referral) that allows you to take advantage of additional benefits by registering on this sports trading platform.

The program is based on various levels; as you level up, your profits will also grow. The first level allows us to receive 10% of the winnings value of our referrals.

For example, if a referral’s winnings are $ 100, a $ 10 bonus will be credited to our account. As the levels advance we will have a 5% bonus on winnings (second level), 2.5% (for the third level) and so on up to the seventh level.

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