Best online business to start

Best online business to start

By now we hear more and more often about the earning opportunities offered by the large network. Reading some pages and watching some videos on social networks it seems that setting up an online business is very simple and super-profitable. But is this really the case? Obviously not. Earning on the Internet is by no means automatic and immediate as some may believe.

Just like in offline activities, even on the Internet, you have to invest a lot of resources, energy (and above all) a lot of time to receive significant feedback, which usually arrives no earlier than a year. In short, doing an online business is possible, it can be profitable enough, but in many cases, it is not easier than setting up a business in the so-called real world.

That said, if you are here it is because you want to know what’s the best online business to start with, right? So let’s not waste any more time and let me give you some ideas on the subject. By analyzing some possible activities to be undertaken on the Internet, who knows, you might find the right inspiration and create a winning project: I sincerely hope so. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

Monetize a blog or site

When someone asks me what is a great online business to start with I can’t fail to mention the possibility of monetizing a blog or a site since that’s exactly what I did with

How do you monetize a blog or site? Basically in two ways: with the sale of advertising space and with affiliations.

As for the sale of advertising space, this usually takes place by turning to special services, such as the very famous Google AdSense, which is one of the most used. In this case, the earnings are proportional to the visits that the site or blog manages to generate: only if you can total a high number of accesses is it possible to obtain important earnings, taking into account the continuous fluctuations in the advertising market that can affect in a relevant way on the revenues from this source of monetization.

Let’s now move on to the chapter on affiliations. In this case, the earnings derive from joining one or more affiliate programs (such as that of Amazon, just to mention one of the most famous) which, by adding sponsored links on your site, offer the possibility of earning some money on sales made through them (generally in the 24 hours following the click made by the user).

Being able to make money with a blog or a website is not easy: you need to adopt very specific editorial strategies, know how to better manage any collaborators, and use the various tools available in the correct way. That’s why I suggest you learn more about it by consulting the in-depth study where I explain how to make money with a website.

Open a YouTube channel

best online business to start - youtube

If you have skills in the field of video making and do not have problems being in front of a video camera, opening a YouTube channel is another option to consider when starting an online business. Being one of the most popular video-sharing platforms of the moment, it is possible to reach potentially important numbers in terms of popularity and, therefore, earnings.

To do this, however, you need to choose the topics to be treated well (avoiding going into sectors where well-established creators are already present) and create original and quality content.

Also about YouTube, it is possible to earn money by selling advertising: this means that only by reaching important numbers in terms of views and subscribers is it possible to collect significant earnings. To go into more detail, it is possible to do so by joining the YouTube Partner Program, aimed at channels that have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and have totaled a minimum of 4,000 viewing hours in the last year.

Furthermore, it is possible to earn with the affiliate networks and sponsorship activities of various kinds: unless you are an established YouTuber (which is unlikely if you are reading this guide), companies will offer you collaborations; otherwise, you will have to look for them yourself. How can you do it? Maybe you can take advantage of Famebit, a portal that is a meeting point between content creators and brands interested in promoting themselves on YouTube.

If you want more information on how to start a YouTube channel, how to get more subscribers on YouTube and how to make money on YouTube, take a look at the insights I linked to you just now: they will certainly help you.

Another platform much appreciated by users and creators is Twitch which, however, at least at the time of writing, seems more suitable for already established content creators: for these, it can represent a very profitable resource, for those who start from scratch instead it can be very difficult to stand out, so YouTube is to be preferred.

Monetize social media profiles

Monetizing social media profiles is another potentially profitable business online to start. In this case, the sources of monetization are basically two: participation in affiliate services and collaboration with companies and brands.

As regards participation in affiliate services, what has already been said in one of the previous chapters applies: you subscribe to an affiliate service (or even more services of this kind), insert the sponsored links in the posts to be published on your own social accounts and, if sales, subscriptions, etc. are generated through them, you can perceive a small percentage of earnings on the sale generated within a certain period of time (usually within 24 hours).

If you decide to participate in an affiliate program, be careful not to “spam” random content on your profiles: I always advise you to try what you propose to your followers and to make a well-defined selection of content suitable for your target audience. Understood?

As far as collaboration with brands and companies is concerned, this is usually feasible for those with particularly popular accounts (with at least a few thousand followers). Brands and companies, in fact, are interested in promoting their products/services on social networks, as in this way they can reach their target more easily thanks to the influencers, or famous people on these platforms, able to have some influence on users.

In doing this kind of collaboration, I advise you to choose companies and brands that in some way related to your sector and whose products/services can be of real use to the people who follow you. Do not be enticed by potentially high and “easy” earnings: if these can be at the expense of the people who follow you, better let it go. In any case, as a matter of fairness, when you are paid by a company to promote a product/service, report it with ad hoc hashtags, such as #adv, #advertise, #sp, #sponsored, etc.

As you may have guessed, even to earn on social networks you need to reach important numbers: if you are not followed by many users, you will hardly be able to obtain significant figures with affiliations, nor to attract the attention of brands and companies to which you can propose collaborations.

If you don’t have a good following on these platforms, I suggest you read the guide in which I explain how to become famous on social media. For more information on how to make money with social media, however, consult the in-depth study that I have also dedicated to this topic.

Start an ecommerce

Even starting an online store can be a good business to start, given that online purchases are constantly growing and more and more users are buying various kinds of goods and services on the Internet. Furthermore, starting an online store isn’t as complicated as you might think.

The easiest way to do this is to turn to one of those platforms (eg the well-known Blomming) that cost a few tens of dollars a month and allow you to create and manage an online store using prepackaged packages.

If you want to go to the “next level”, you can buy a web space and customize it according to your needs with a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress or Prestashop. Otherwise, it is possible to open a showcase on already known online stores, such as Amazon and eBay, an option that I especially recommend to those who already have a physical store and want to sell their products online. More info here.

Does managing a physical warehouse with all the risks involved discourage you from opening e-commerce? In this case, consider the possibility of resorting to dropshipping, a rather interesting sales model that has caught on especially in recent years, thanks to which it is possible to sell one or more products without having to physically possess them in a physical warehouse.

Various platforms allow you to do drop shopping, including Shopify, which also allows you to create traditional ecommerce stores with physical support stores (all in a few clicks) and which can be tested for free for 14 days. More info here.

Publish books

Publishing books can be another potential online business to start. As you can well understand, it requires a certain investment of time and resources, but the rewards it can bring are potentially high. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to publish your books without going through the publishing houses, since there are platforms such as Amazon and Lulu that allow you to do it for free, both in digital and paper format.

It must be said, however, that services of this kind usually apply more or less important commissions on the final sale of their works and, therefore, you have to sell many copies to have satisfactory earnings. More info here.