Brand Awareness: The best strategies and how to measure it

Brand Awareness: The best strategies and how to measure it

Everyone wants to know the best brand awareness strategies. Because this value can help you define an important step for the project: placing the product or service in the mind of the potential buyer. This may be the best solution to establish yourself in a competitive sector, but it is clear that to reap important results you need time and an action plan

This is why it is important to have clear ideas when talking about what to do to increase brand awareness, namely brand awareness: how well the name in question (for example yours) is known to the target audience. The concrete advantage? Outperforming the competition in the bud: Do I need a computer that is beautiful, fast, reliable, and that lasts? Mac!

A product corresponds to certain values. To calculate the efficiency of this online marketing strategy, you can start from the turnover, but it is clear that this value (however interesting and rewarding) is tainted by a series of different influences. Better to be more precise on the best activities to increase and measure brand awareness, don’t you think? Let’s continue!

Storytelling, convey your values ​​with content

One of the most interesting strategies for working on the brand and getting the audience to connect the brand to what you want: storytelling. This does not mean just telling a story, rather it is fair to argue that we must merge the narrative with the possibility of conveying what we want. A message addressed to the purchase? A value that can act as leverage concerning choice.

Storytelling is a technique that can be put into practice with images, text, and video. This last dynamic is effective because it allows you to mix different communication codes.

Apple is a teacher in this work: it has always managed to make good advertising campaigns based on narration: you don’t have to talk about the product but become a reference for the customer.

I’m referring to the videos he posts around Christmas – this one is dedicated to connecting Apple tools with what you can do. Special things, gifts that are remembered. Who cares about a product datasheet when you can have all this? The strength of storytelling is here.

Content marketing on the blog: be found on Google

The blog can be a central key to the inbound marketing journey. But if you are only thinking of this as a SERP-climbing process you may be ignoring a point.

That is the importance of content on Google to increase awareness of your brand. Among the best brand awareness strategies, I suggest the management of an editorial calendar based on quality. This may be an obvious step, there is such a reference when suggesting online diary work. What exactly does this mean?

Post something memorable. The pace of publication is important but you have to carve out space and time to leave something decisive to the public. Such as, for example, ebooks dedicated to a specific topic or a case study capable of solving problems shared by your niche. Don’t level your publishing job with the routine of bringing traffic and stop. Create quality.

Influencer marketing, get the right people talking

A good strategy for making brand awareness: let others spread the name. They don’t have to be just any contacts and you don’t have to choose a platform at random. I’m talking about activating an influencer marketing campaign that allows you to choose the names to break into a more or less broad niche. All this must be designed to:

  • Speak to an audience that serves your purpose.
  • Leverage a channel to bring out the brand.
  • Respect the rules without being commercial.

This is the balance. Focusing on influencer marketing can be a problem when pushing on the idea of ​​being able to publish content necessary for the brand without appearing as ADV.

A bargain, right? In reality, the goal in a brand awareness campaign on your social network is precisely this: to outreach among the suitable bloggers and provide indications to create content capable of being recognized as sponsored but engaging for the people who are on the other side of the world. device. An extreme case? Nick Offerman and his whiskey.

Do you want to measure brand improvements?

You have to set KPIs, key performance indicators capable of giving you specific information regarding how your campaign is moving. The first parameter that you can use as a reference is the presence on social media in terms of the number of shares and mentions.

Also taking into account the sentiment of everything that happens. You can use Mention to evaluate this last step with great precision because it allows you to identify all public citations on social networks and web pages, classifying them by type and type of content.

Such a solution can also be activated on Google Alert, and with some SEO tools such as Semrush. To evaluate the most shared contents of a domain you can use Buzzsumo, a tool that gives its best with the paid version. Here you can find with mathematical precision the contents that have given the best results on social networks and the trend of the shares over time.

It is also very important to evaluate the number of queries made on Google with the brand: the increase in people searching for your name (perhaps together with other keywords) outlines an improvement in notoriety. How to measure all this? Always with Semrush or maybe with SEOzoom, even if the search console can give you good indications with the Search Analysis.