How to become famous on Social media

How to become famous on Social media

Social networks are now an integral part of the life of many of us, not to mention everyone! Now we use them more and more often to communicate with our family and friends, to make new acquaintances and to stay updated on what is happening in the world. Since these platforms are also an important “showcase” for promoting oneself and one’s business, they are used more and more often for business purposes. This has given rise to new professionals specialized in the development of real marketing strategies applied to social networks, such as social media managers and influencers.

If you have no intention of relying on the advice of these professionals to increase your popularity, but still want to know how to become famous on social media, know that you have come to the right place at the right time! In this guide, in fact, I will provide you with some “tips” that will certainly allow you to gain greater visibility on all the main social networks. Let me be clear: to achieve a certain degree of popularity on Facebook, Instagram etc. it is necessary to invest time, effort and, sometimes, even money, but with the right strategies, you can get acceptable results even without spending large sums.

If everything is clear to you so far and you can’t wait to attempt the climb to success on social networks, all you have to do is make yourself comfortable, take all the time necessary to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs, implement the suggestions that I will give you and, above all, have a lot of patience and perseverance in putting them into practice. If you do, the results will certainly show over time. I wish you good reading and good luck with everything!

Identify the right strategy for each social network

How to become famous on Social media

If you want to become famous on social media, you cannot think of using the same strategy for every platform you are subscribed to: hopefully, you will become popular on one of these, but not on the others. Each social network, in fact, has a different style of communication, a well-defined community, various types of tools through which to reach your audience and so on.

This means that, if you want to be successful on a social network, you need to know how it works, the strategies to be adopted to build a following through it and the type of content that arouses the most interest from the community you want to contact. How can you do it? A good starting point would be to take a look at the guides that I have specifically dedicated to all the most popular social networks. Below I list the main characteristics of some of them and the links to the guides that I have already published on my blog: consult them and you will not regret!

  • Facebook – the most popular social network in the world was designed above all to allow you to share glimpses of your private life with your friends by posting photos, videos, live streams, text posts, Stories and so on. If you want to become famous on this social network, however, using the “personal” profile is not the best strategy you can adopt: much better to create a Facebook page that represents you, your company or your brand and promote it through advertising and a social strategy designed specifically for your needs. If you want more information on how Facebook works, how to sell on Facebook and how to become famous on Facebook, take a look at the tutorials I just linked to.
  • Instagram – the social network purchased by Facebook back in 2012, allows you to share only visual content, therefore photos and videos, in the form of posts, live streams, Stories and even though the video streaming platform launched in 2018 by Instagram, called IGTV. For more information on how Instagram works and how to become famous on Instagram, feel free to read the guides I posted on my blog.
  • LinkedIn – is a radically different social network from the ones I have listed so far, as it is used by professionals from all over the world to create connections with potential customers, employers, colleagues and other personalities from the business world. It allows you to create a profile to be used as a curriculum vitae, sign up for discussion groups that deal with topics related to your professional sphere, look for new career opportunities and share posts, photos, videos and articles with your own connections. If you want to know in more detail what LinkedIn is and how it works, read the articles I have just linked to you.
  • Pinterest– it is a social network that takes up the idea of ​​pinning content of various kinds on a sort of “virtual whiteboard”. The contents on Pinterest are purely visual and offer users hints and ideas on various topics: from fashion to do-it-yourself, through drawing, modelling and many other topics. I already explained to you in detail how Pinterest works in another tutorial, remember?

Build a personal brand

One of the steps you absolutely must take to become famous on social media is to build a personal brand (or a business brand, if you want to promote your business through social channels). Are you wondering what a personal brand is? In a nutshell, the personal brand is nothing more than your name used as a brand to make it known to the public (in this case on social networks). How can you build a personal branding strategy? I’ll explain it to you right away.

For starters, you need to use the same username on all your social accounts. If you are known on Twitter with the username JohnSmith92, also on Facebook, Instagram and all other social networks you must use the same username (if it is not available, you can make slight changes to it, in our example they could be deleted the final two digits or add two more).

What will be the benefits that you will be able to obtain using the same username on all social networks? Well, to begin with, those who follow you on one platform will be able to find you more easily on the others and could therefore also follow you on the latter; secondly, you can create your own “identity” avoiding creating confusion in the minds of your followers (which is no small feat!).

Still on the subject of personal branding strategies, it is important to use the same profile photo on all social networks: in this way, it will be easier for other users (especially those who already follow you on some platforms) to identify yourself and, yes hopefully, follow you.

Create interesting and quality content

Creating interesting and quality content is one of the most important aspects you need to pay attention to if you want to be successful on social networks. Content, in fact, is the “product” you offer to every single follower, and that is why it must capture their interest and, particularly importantly, must meet high-quality standards.

Before posting any content on social networks – be it photos, videos, text or articles linked from your blog – try to understand if it can actually interest your audience and, more generally, the community of each platform in which you want to share it. Maybe you can ask yourself questions like: will my followers, seeing this content, pass by or will they linger on it for a while, perhaps feeling enticed to interact with it? Seeing this content, will a user who does not yet follow me be inclined to do so?

Once you have ascertained that the content satisfies the interest and quality standards I mentioned earlier, you can publish it on social networks. Before doing so, however, I invite you to reflect on the hashtags to use (hashtags would be those words or phrases preceded by the # symbol) to index the post and make it more easily found by the internal search engines of the various social networks.

You must know, in fact, that by using hashtags in the correct way, you will increase the chances that your post will be viewed by a greater number of users and, consequently, you will have more chances of being noticed on the various platforms.

How can you know which are the most popular hashtags to use for each social network? You can rely on services like Top Hashtag or apps like Tag for Likes (for Android) and Top HashTags (for iOS). However, I recommend that you try to use hashtags that are relevant to the content you want to post, otherwise you risk getting anything but positive results.

Interact with the community

Interacting with the community is another detail not to be overlooked if you want to become famous on social networks. Remember that the platforms in which you would like to “depopulate” are social networks, which means that the social contact between you and your followers must be the protagonist: in this regard, you can use the multiple tools offered by the main social networks to interact with the community and your audience. Here are some of them.

  • Direct Streaming – is the tool that creates the most direct contact possible with your followers. It allows you to remove any “barrier” between yourself and your followers, allowing mutual and immediate interaction between the parties. The ability to start live streams is available on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Stories – this is the feature that made Snapchat famous and that has been taken up by other “bigger” social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. Through Stories it is possible to share short clips, images, text and other content to be made to last for no more than 24 hours.
  • Polls – this is a very useful feature to ask your users for their opinion on a certain issue and ideas about the topics they want to be addressed in the future, which can make them feel particularly engaged The polls are available on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Comments – this is a feature available on virtually all social networks and is very useful for quickly answering questions posed by the community. Even if, as can be easily understood, it is not easy to reply to all users, it is advisable to reply to at least some of them to make the public feel one’s “proximity”.

Don’t buy followers

In conclusion, I advise you NOT to buy followers through one of the many services that allow you to do this (such as the ones I told you about in this tutorial). Many, in fact, succumb to the temptation of artificially obtaining a large number of followers, thinking they can achieve success on social networks quickly and easily. Do you want some advice from a friend? Avoid resorting to these means: in addition to being decidedly dishonest methods, it is useless to resort to them.

Think about it: if you buy followers who are not interested in your content and who do not interact with it, what advantage do you get? Well, initially it may be that you will be able to “inflate” your social statistics a bit, but in the end you will find yourself with a handful of flies in your hand.