How to become famous on TikTok

How to become famous on TikTok

Almost all of your friends and schoolmates use TikTok and, to avoid feeling “left out”, you too have decided to start making videos on this platform. At the moment, you can boast a small following of users, but you wouldn’t mind increasing the numbers a bit and getting a few more followers. Is this the case? Then know that you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In the next paragraphs of this guide, in fact, I will have the opportunity to explain how to become famous on TikTok by adopting some strategies that could prove to be successful. Let’s be clear: do not think that I will share with you who knows what “secrets” to achieve success on this social network because there simply aren’t any. Rather, I will provide you with practical advice which, together with a little patience and also a good dose of luck, could help you increase your visibility on this platform.

So, since I can already hear you “pawing”, I would say not to waste any more precious time chatting and to get to work immediately. Strength and courage: concentrate on reading this guide, try to implement the “tips” that I will give you and you will see that, over time, if you commit yourself properly, you can reap the rewards of your hard work! Good luck!

Create original and fun content

TikTok is a platform frequented mainly by a young audience. By this, I recommend that you create original and fun content that can conquer this target, which is the most important part of the current TikTok community.

How can you make content that is original and, above all, fun? Well, instead of starting immediately to record a new video, try to think a little about how you can get out of the box, how you can surprise the community with some impressive content.

To stand out from the crowd, do not resort to the use of the usual filters and decorative elements, also used by other users; rather try to experiment with more styles and techniques to entertain others, until you find the “modus operandi” that seems most suitable for your audience and which, of course, produces the best results.

If you try to study your audience (both current and potential), you may come up with some new ideas on what topics to cover and how to deal with them: take note of these ideas and use them as a “starting point” for the content to be uploaded. on TikTok in the future. You may search for reliable TikTok bots to get rapid growth.

Be constant

Being constant is another “secret” to increase your numbers on TikTok (and this applies, in general, to other platforms as well). For what reason? Well, if you post a one-time video, your TikTok account may seem uncared for or, even worse, completely abandoned. The result? Becoming famous on the platform will be just a mirage: in addition to not getting new followers, in fact, you could risk losing even the ones you have already obtained.

If you want to avoid such a danger, you absolutely need to organize yourself and make sure that new videos are periodically uploaded to your account. If you are regular, in fact, you will trigger a sort of “mental mechanism” that will push users to wait for your next videos. If you manage to intrigue even users who do not yet follow you on TikTok, they may start to do so in order not to miss the content you will publish in the future.

If you find it difficult to be regular in the publication of videos on TikTok, perhaps you should draw up a program, perhaps putting it in black and white: with a weekly schedule of videos to be made and published (e.g. 4 per day, 2 of which in the morning, 1 on the afternoon and 1 in the evening), you will hardly forget to take care of your TikTok account.

Complete your profile info

“Introducing yourself” to the TikTok community, indicating for example what types of content are published on your account, what your interests are, etc., could be another winning move. That’s why you would do well to complete your profile info. By doing this, you can “introduce yourself” to others and push them to become your followers.

How can you succeed in this intent? First, access TikTok from its app for Android or iOS / iPadOS, tap the little man symbol, located in the lower right corner of the screen, and then press the Edit profile button. In the screen opened, then, presses the button Add a biography to your profile and use the 80 characters available to describe your interests. Then press on the item Prefer, located at the top right, to save the changes made.

If you want, via the Edit Profile screen where you should be right now, you can add the link to your Instagram profile and YouTube channel (if you have one). To do this, simply click on Add Instagram to your profile or Add YouTube to your profile (depending on the operation you want to complete) and log in to the chosen platform by following the instructions provided on the screen.

Use the right hashtags to become famous on TikTok

Using the right hashtags is another “trick” you can try to become famous on TikTok. Hashtags have the function of “labeling” the contents, describing and cataloging them within the platform, to facilitate their retrieval. Perhaps now you understand the importance of using the right hashtags: by doing this, you will index the videos published on TikTok, increasing the likelihood that these can be seen by a wider user base and, therefore, increasing (at least potentially) new followers.

Be careful, however, not to “play dirty” and to use hashtags at random: by doing so, you may be able to increase the popularity of the videos you have made on the spot, but this could confuse and even annoy users (including your current followers), getting counterproductive results: you may not get new followers and you may even lose the ones you already have. Therefore, only use hashtags that are actually suitable for the content posted. OK?

Interact with the community

Being a social network, TikTok encourages interactions between users. For this reason, try to interact with the community as much as possible. Don’t just post videos and wait for others to start following you. Follow accounts that seem interesting to you, comment on the videos posted by them, and show appreciation for the content you like.

Also, from time to time, organize live shows: this type of content is very popular on TikTok and allows you to “shorten the distance” with users who follow you or who may decide to do so soon.

Other useful tips to become famous on TikTok

I conclude this tutorial with other useful tips to become famous on TikTok. These are some “tips” that will surely help you to increase your followers.

  • Create an easily recognizable style – try to create “fixed dates” on your profile, covering the topics that interest the community using your own personal cut. Maybe you could create real “series”: that is, different types of content, in episodes.
  • Engage the audience – try to involve users who watch your videos, inviting them to express themselves in the comments. A good idea could be to ask your viewers to give you advice and opinions on the content they have made: an easy way to know what interests them, if you are already on the right path or if you need to change your strategy.
  • Be patient – even if you follow all the advice I’ve given you in this tutorial to the letter, the results probably won’t come right away. It may take some time to get significant numbers.