How to Create Instagram Ads?

How to Create Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising is a powerful tool of business promotion today. Instagram can be used as an entertainment platform for watching videos, and a business marketplace. People who look through posts see the targeted advertising. They are interested in the services and use the links to visit the companies’ websites. Instagram ads do not cost much, so it is a great option for marketing. So, how can you create Instagram ads on your business account?

  1. Press “Promote a post”

Before you start creating an ad, it is important to prepare the post for promotion. Attach a vivid and attractive post picture. It will attract the attention of your future customers. Write a quality post with information on your services. After you have a quality post, press the button ‘promote’ near it. Remember that you will have such a button only on business accounts on Instagram.

  1. Choose the purpose of post promotion

In Instagram, there are three options of purpose. You may advertise a post for more profile visits, more website visits, or most messages.

  1. Choose your target audience

The next step is to create your target audience. You may do it by hand or let the system find the audience automatically. Instagram will include people like your subscribers.

  1. State your project budget

The cost of your ads depends on the number of advertising days and the outreach of your post.

  1. Pay the promotion

The last step is to check the post and the information you have chosen. Then you should pay the promotion using your bank card.

How to Advertise Your Services on Bloggers’ Accounts?

Another great opportunity to create Instagram ads is to order advertising from bloggers. Popular bloggers have a great outreach of the audience. A lot of people watch their posts and trust them. That is why if a blogger advises buying your services, you will get a lot of new clients. At the same time, there are too many bloggers. So, it is difficult to understand which of them talks to your target audience.

That is why there are companies that generate ads from bloggers using special software. One of such influencers in social networks is It is an Instagram influencer platform that automatically finds the right bloggers. The Instagram influencer marketplace also provides reliable communication with bloggers and guaranteed posts. Let’s look at how you can buy Instagram ads on an Instagram influencer marketing platform.

  1. Search of blogger

First, you should state the features of your desired post and its theme. The Instagram influencer marketing platform will find the appropriate bloggers.

  1. Pay the post 

You should pay to have money on your balance on the Instagram influencer network.

  1. Send your request
  2. Talking to the blogger

The company will communicate with the blogger and agree with them on the post.

  1. A report from blogger

The blogger publishes your post and makes a report about the work. You get new clients and interested people to your website or Instagram account.

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