How to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 14 days

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 14 days

Reaching the first 1000 followers on Instagram is everyone’s goal, especially if you have recently started your profile (business or not).

In particular, increasing the number of followers is the purpose of many business accounts that aim to convert followers into potential customers.

When you want to grow your Instagram account, you have to take into account many unknowns, such as the algorithm, the importance of Instagram Stories, the ability to make longer videos on IGTV, and much more.

The truth is that getting 1000 followers on Instagram in such a short time takes a lot of effort and effort, but it’s not that impossible.

In this article, I have selected some tips that are right for you if you want to grow your followers and get involved in your work.

These are the top 9 tips on how to get 1000 Instagram followers in 14 days:

1. Optimize Your Bio for Research

One of the first steps in increasing your follower count is to start with the basics.

By basics, I mean introducing you to Instagram users!

To do this, obviously the biography is the main means to achieve the goal.

Your Instagram bio must have mentions and hashtags to link to a theme or account you’re linked to. For example, if you are a beauty brand or a beauty blogger or makeup artist:

  • Add keywords in your bio (e.g. lipstick, makeup, beauty, makeup artist, blogger)
  • Add hashtags in their bio (e.g. #Lipstick, #beautyblogger)
  • Add the company you work with or are affiliated with (e.g. Makeup artist at @sephora)

If you are an aspiring influencer, I highly recommend that you include your country in your bio, as this makes you searchable for people.

In this article, I’ll explain in more depth how to make a good Instagram bio and why it’s so important.

Take a look at it before continuing with the article, so that you are clear about all the necessary steps before moving on to the second step to getting your first 1000 followers on Instagram!

2. Publish at least 10 high-quality photos now

When you start your account, I recommend that you have a profile that is already full enough of photos or videos for people to watch.

It is useless for you to open your account and start moving around Instagram, if there is no content on your profile.

People will think you are a fake or even worse an unknown brand that will remain unknown for a long time to come!

Make sure you post at least 10 high-quality images. If you don’t have good photos, you can go to sites like or and find photos that relate to the topic covered in your profile.

3. Use a content scheduling app

Scheduling posts is very important and also very profitable.

Unfortunately, you never have enough time to devote yourself every day to managing social pages, even though these are very relevant for the marketing of companies.

Social networks are your showcase and your chance to be noticed even by important people in the sector you work with.

To schedule posts, you can use specific apps that will help you manage your work and continue to publish your posts frequently. One such app is Preview.

4. Create a Visual Theme

When a user goes to your profile and sees that there is a certain harmony between the posts, they will be immediately impressed by your feed.

Having a leitmotif that holds your content together is essential to catch the eye of Instagram users.

Because we all know very well that Instagram, before anything else, is a social network with a strong visual impact.

By planning the contents in time, you will have the possibility to elaborate images following a certain theme.

The theme can be based on geometry, colors, letters, format … In short, it just needs to be consistent!

5. Publish Every Day

Post at least once a day to show your followers your consistency and commitment to the work you do.

Instagram algorithms are a black hole and there are still many unknowns about how content is prioritized and how it is shown to your followers.

However, if you post every day, set a pace for your followers and maximize engagement.

6. Publish in the Right Times

To be fair, there are two schools of thought around proper publishing times.

The first school believes that it should be published when more people are active on the platform to have maximum visibility of the content.

The second school of thought, on the other hand, argues that you must publish when there are fewer people on the platform, to have less competition with other brands and to be more likely to be shown in the feed.

The advice I give you is to do some personal tests and see which strategy brings you the most profits.

By switching to Instagram for business, you can also have access to graphs on your followers that can provide you with useful data to know what time to post.

7. Optimize your Link in Bio

The Instagram biography offers you an opportunity not to be missed.

That is to insert an active link for your followers.

With this, you can drive the traffic in your Instagram profile to wherever you want, perhaps on your personal website or your e-commerce, or for example even on your podcast or an article you wrote.

8. Follow Accounts in your Niche

Knowing your audience is essential.

Even more important is knowing the niches in your audience and identifying with one of them.

Niches are small portions of audiences, but they are the ones where you can get the most engagement and get new followers.

Understand the target audience and follow the accounts that cover that niche.

Following accounts similar to yours can help you devise new strategies and make yourself known among their followers.

9. Follow accounts that have a high probability of following you

The fastest way to get 1000 followers on Instagram is to follow accounts that may have a high probability of following you.

However, how are these accounts identified? Accounts that have a high probability of following you generally have a good following in the follower ratio.

This means that these accounts follow significantly more people than their own followers.

For example:

  • If a user follows 2000 users and has 1000 followers, the following/follower ratio is 2
  • If a user follows 1000 users and has 2000 followers, the following/follower ratio is 0.5.

Bonus – Don’t buy followers

As you probably already know, there are apps and services that promise to artificially gain thousands of followers. How do they work? They usually allow you to buy follower packages using virtual credits (obtainable by “Like” other people’s posts or following their account) or even through direct payments.

Do you want some advice from a friend? Avoid them and don’t buy followers through the latter, as it would be useless: the services and apps in question, in fact, are not as reliable as they would like to believe and you could risk spending money without having a return.

Furthermore, by purchasing followers, you risk “dirtying” your account with fake profiles, easily identifiable by other users who may be reluctant to follow you. Not to mention the fact that Instagram does not look favorably on this practice and could penalize the accounts that use it.

I also invite you not to rely on the increasingly popular bots, that is, those systems that allow you to use your account to like and automatically comment on other people’s posts.

In fact, doing so would not only compromise the security of your account (since you would give the latter’s access keys to complete strangers), but you would also risk negatively attracting the attention of Instagram, which could become suspicious of the anomalous activity recorded. on your profile and close it. Better not to take similar risks, don’t you think?