How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram

Since you read my guide on how to use Instagram, you started using this social network, discovering that your passion for photography is reciprocated with numerous “likes” by the users of this platform. So you post your photos and are happy to receive enthusiastic comments from your audience, however you believe that your commitment has not paid off enough in terms of followers. You then clicked on this guide of mine because you would like to know how to get followers on Instagram, completely free of charge.

Well, if things are actually this way, know that you can (and must) succeed without paying: there is nothing more wrong than trying to become famous on Instagram by buying followers. Precisely for this reason if you are looking for popularity on the Internet and, more generally on social networks, Instagram in this case, all you have to do is resort to some guidelines.

It will be thanks to the execution of the latter that you will certainly be able to increase your number of followers. In this regard, keep reading, in the following lines I will suggest what to do to get followers on Instagram, giving you some very useful tips.

How do you say? Can’t wait to find out more? Would you like to become a real Instagram influencer but, from the moment you have recently used this social network, are you afraid of not succeeding? Do not worry! You will see that, with a little patience and constancy, you will be able to achieve excellent results. I, therefore, recommend that you sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to calmly read the tips I will give you in this tutorial. I wish you a good read.

Publish frequently and regularly

Getting followers on Instagram and becoming popular is not something that can be achieved overnight. As with all social networks, to realize the dream of becoming famous it takes perseverance, determination and innovation. Consequently, you can therefore understand that the indications that I will give you in this tutorial will be of a general nature: there is no real magic formula that will automatically make you successful.

The first important thing you need to do to get followers on Instagram is to establish a publishing line for your content, a sort of lineup. If you publish more types of photos, then create an editorial strategy thanks to which you can organize the publication of your content.

Even if Instagram, at the present time, does not allow you to schedule the publication, this does not mean that you cannot decide which photos to publish and on which days. This advice may seem trivial to you, but it is not at all the case.

By establishing an editorial line of publication, your followers will expect the photo to be published on the designated days and times. It will be precisely through regularity that you will create expectations; this way people will have more interest in the content you post.

Expand your audience on other social networks

You have a passion for photography and then publish the shots you take on the popular photographic social network. You already have a fair number of followers, however, you have noticed a slow growth in the number of followers. Want to know what you can do to get Instagram followers, without spending a dime?

My suggestion, in this case, is to expand your audience by taking advantage of other social networks, such as Facebook. Since Facebook and Instagram are the owners of the same company, there is nothing better than publishing your Instagram shots also on your Facebook profile or your Facebook page.

In addition to posting on multiple social network platforms, which is highly recommended, what you can also do to expand your audience is to invite your friends from other social networks to join Instagram.

To carry out this procedure, you must open the Instagram application and tap on the symbol of a little man located at the bottom right to view your profile within the social network.

Then tap on the button with the three dots symbol located at the top right to access the Options section. From the next screen, the first item you will see on the screen will be the one relating to the possibility of inviting friends: then tap on Facebook Friends that you find in the Invite section, to invite all the people you know within the social network, suggesting they subscribe to Instagram.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to invite your friends to join Instagram, you can follow people who are already subscribed. To do this, always go to the Options screen and tap on Facebook friends located next to the Follow people item. A little further below you can also find the Contacts item. If you tap on it, the list of people on Instagram will be suggested; the application has identified them through the list of your contacts.

To expand the audience of the social network and thus acquire new followers you must publish the photos you take also on your Facebook profile or your Facebook page. Carrying out this operation is very simple as you will have to act through the application settings. Then tap on the button with the three dots symbol located at the top right; you can see it on your Facebook profile.

Then, from the Options screen, tap on Connected accounts; in this way, you will be able to view the sharing options and connect your Instagram account to that of other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. However, keep in mind that for Facebook you will have to choose whether to connect your profile or your Facebook page.

Once you have carried out this procedure, you will have the opportunity to publish Instagram photos on other social networks as well: the option in question will appear when you open the tool for publishing multimedia content on your Instagram profile.

Be recognized by the photos you post

Posting photos and videos on Instagram regularly may not be enough to get a good number of followers within the platform. If despite the advice I’ve just given you, you continue to notice slow growth in followers, then try to improve the quality of the images you share.

Since Instagram is a social network is based exclusively on visual content, these must have a distinctive presence. In this regard, the suggestion I want to give you is to make changes to the photos before posting them on the social network.

Your goal must be to get noticed and to create a unique and completely original style. Just to give you an example, you can decide whether to apply a color correction to the photos you take, using advanced programs for editing them. Alternatively, if you don’t have the option to purchase advanced software, you can use free photo editing programs.

To edit photos, before posting them on Instagram, you can also use free apps for Android and iOS. Creating a unique style will certainly help get you noticed within the platform. You have to make sure that your photos are recognized everywhere and, above all, stand out, standing out overwhelmingly from the myriad of contents that are published every day on Instagram.

Use hashtags

Even if becoming popular on Instagram takes time and patience, this does not mean that there are little “tricks” and tips that you can use to try to quickly achieve a growth in your user base.

In this regard, the suggestion I want to give you is to use hashtags. If you have never heard of them, know that these are labels that allow you to categorize your content. The hashtags are quite famous and used within Instagram gives the possibility to add up to 30 hashtags within the caption of the photo you want to publish.

However, this does not mean that you have to enter all 30 hashtags. What I suggest you do is select a series of hashtags related to the image or video you want to post on Instagram, filtering and choosing only those that are as consistent as possible with the photo itself.

You have no idea how to find the hashtags to insert within the caption of your photo? It’s not a problem; to do this you can use one of the most popular online services that will help you do this.

Among the most famous are the Top Hashtag and All Hashtag websites. I especially recommended these tools to you since they can be used for free and do not require registration.

To get followers on Instagram using hashtags, you can also use a free app for Android and iOS such as the HashTags for Instagram app (available only for Android) and the Top Tags app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

If you need more information on how to use this application, I refer you to reading my guide entitled Best apps to get Instagram followers.

Other tips for getting followers on Instagram

As I told you, unfortunately there is no universal recipe that can get you followers on Instagram, thus guaranteeing success. Achieving popularity within Instagram all depends on the content you publish and the constant use of the tools offered by the social network.

In this regard, before I leave you and invite you to put into practice the tips I have provided you so far, I want to remind you to interact with other Instagram users. You too put “Like” and comment demonstrating that you also appreciate the work of others.

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social interaction platform: if you shut yourself up and don’t socialize, you will hardly be able to get noticed.