How to get more followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram

Are you new to the world of Instagram and looking for a way to quickly increase the popularity of your account? Well, miracles cannot be done, but if you commit yourself and carefully follow the advice I am about to give you, you will probably be able to get more followers on Instagram.

Before giving you all the relevant tips, however, it seems to me necessary to specify one thing that unfortunately we often forget: the photos (but right now also the videos) are still the heart of everything! Before putting into practice any kind of advice on how to get more followers on instagram, think about taking beautiful photos, possibly original, and wisely retouch them with the filters made available to you by the app. Also try to be as active as possible: if you don’t get noticed, no one will come looking for you to become your follower!

I know, maybe I was too abrupt in some of my statements but it is better to clarify some concepts, in my humble opinion fundamental, before delving into the matter and moving on to the actual tutorial that you can find below. So take some free time, consult this guide, “digest it” and try to put it into practice while keeping the quality of your content high. I am sure that the results will not be long in coming and that your friends in need of a similar tip will not hesitate to ask you for a little help on how to get more followers on Instagram.

Expand your “social” audience

If you publish your Instagram photos also on other social networks, first of all, Facebook, your content will reach a larger audience and therefore you will be more likely to gain new followers.

To connect your Instagram account with Facebook, press the little man icon located at the bottom right of the app’s main menu. Then select the gear icon located at the top right, locate the Settings section and then tap the Connected Accounts item and then select Facebook from the list of available social services.

After providing authorization for the publication of the photos on Facebook, Instagram will automatically post your content on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg. All you have to do is take your photos normally and select the Facebook button during publication: the app will take care of the rest.

By following the same procedure, you can connect your Instagram account to Twitter and other social networks as well. However, there are limitations that need to be taken into account.

On Twitter, for example, Instagram photos are posted in the form of links and not in the form of images. To bypass this limit you can use the IFTTT (If This Than That) service which allows you to connect various social networks and online applications to each other so that operations are performed automatically. One of these operations (called “recipes” in technical jargon) is the one that allows you to post Instagram photos on Twitter in the form of images instead of links.

To use IFTTT you must first subscribe to the service by clicking on the Sign Up button located in the upper right part of the Web page that will open after clicking on the link I provided. Then, you have to select the “recipe” in question or others of your interest, connect the service to your Instagram and Twitter accounts using the Connect button and activate the script by pressing the Add button. The rest will take place completely automatically, you will not have to not even use the Twitter button in the Instagram app!

Use the right hashtags

hashtag più popolari

One of the most effective techniques to give more visibility to your photos and increase Instagram followers is to use popular hashtags. Popular but, beware, related to the actual content of the photo. If you use hashtags at random just because they are popular, you risk annoying the public (which now easily notices these “tricks”) and you could also end up being penalized by the same Instagram algorithms.

To find out which are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can use All-Hashtag which, totally free and without requiring registration, allows you to generate the best hashtags related to the main keyword. It is not the only service of this kind. In fact, you can also use Top Hashtag, which offers an updated ranking of the most popular hashtags of the moment. In addition, by doing a Google search you can also find others but, I repeat, use them with caution and do not “fill” your photos with tags that have nothing to do with the content of the image.

Create your own style

Another great way to try to get more followers on Instagram is undoubtedly to create your own well-defined style of photography. In a nutshell, do not always use the same effects but try to put your own particular “signature” on the images, so that other users can become attached to your way of taking pictures and immediately recognize your shots among all the others.

If you want some examples of “effect” photographs that can attract the attention of the public, start the Instagram app, press the button with the magnifying glass at the bottom and take a look at the most visited images of the moment. You will notice that many have elements in common: try to “capture” them and make them yours to transfer them into your images.

Another thing: better to publish a beautiful photo every week than two or more, ugly, every day. So try not to have the urge to appear but put on Instagram only those shots that really deserve to be seen and, in your humble opinion, to receive likes from others.

If you find it more convenient, you can view the list of the most popular contents on the famous app also through the Iconsquare website which allows you to access Instagram from your computer.

Become part of the community

instagram community

Instagram is basically a social network. This means that if you want to get noticed you have to interact with other people. With whom? Let’s try to find out together.

  • Commentators – people who show interest in your photos should always be thanked and “rewarded”. How? Maybe involving them in your “iger” activities, asking them for advice or ideas on the next shots to take, and so on. For some people, those who seem better to use the smartphone camera, you could also invite them to do “guest posts”, that is, to post exclusive photos on your account (of course, returning the favour if necessary).
  • Instagram star followers – you will hardly be able to seriously interact with Instagram stars, who are often also starring in the “real world”. However, you can get noticed by their followers and interact with them, through the comments, trying to promote your account. Without spamming, please!
  • Igers with interests similar to yours – look for Instagram users who seem to have the same interests as you (eg the same favourite subjects, love for a particular country, passion for technology, etc.) and interact with them. Over time, a real friendship could build up that could lead to spontaneous mutual advertising (perhaps with the guest posts I was talking about earlier) and you may find new interesting ideas for your instagramer activity.

Take advantage of contests

how to get more followers on instagram

There are more and more companies that use Instagram to hold contests, i.e. contests in which users of the social network can participate to win various kinds of prizes.

If you manage the account of a small company and want to quickly increase its popularity on Instagram, try running a contest and invite users to participate. The best contests are those that actively engage the audience, so don’t just ask for a like or a share of your post. Instead, ask your followers to take pictures related to a common theme, post them on Instagram and use a hashtag of your choice. Doing so will promote your content and allow your followers to express themselves creatively.

If you are a simple user, you could participate in the contests that you find most interesting and someone will surely notice your shots. If you are good, the followers will come by themselves, I can assure you.

(Don’t) buy followers and likes

It is no longer a secret. Many brands, but also many so to speak common users, buy followers on Instagram using the many services that now offer this type of service.

As tempting as it may seem, it is actually an incorrect practice to get more Instagram followers, of course, and I personally advise against it. But for business – for example to make a recently born project look more confidently – it can be taken into consideration (more than anything else to compete on equal terms with the competition). The important thing, even in this case, is to contact reliable services (just do a Google search to find comments and opinions on the matter) and to remain cautious.

On the other hand, to end up in the section of Instagram dedicated to the most popular shots and videos, you need to have a good number of followers and post photos capable of reaching a number equal to or greater than that of your followers. And if math is not an opinion, buying too many followers means you can no longer end up in the aforementioned section of the social network (unless you buy mountains of likes, even those that are strictly fake).