How to make a TikTok video: The complete guide

How to make a TikTok video: The complete guide

TikTok is definitely the social of the moment, so much so that it is now quite difficult to find someone who has never heard of it.

Among the most recent phenomena and cases of international politics, TikTok today plays on a par with the great giants of the social world, having conquered over 150 million active users in a short time.

We are faced with a magical world, made up of very short videos, generally funny and focused on lip-sync, enriched with special effects, which no one can resist now.

Although it is available in 34 languages, not everyone has yet become familiar with this new entertainment giant, but if you are one of them, do not despair: I will explain how to make a TikTok video step by step.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to create a guide that can accompany you through the wonders of this social network, eventually turning you into an expert.

How to install TikTok

The first step is to install TikTok on your smartphone. The process is very easy and takes only a few seconds: in fact, you can easily find the application within the store of your phone, whether Apple or Android.

With a few small steps you will then be ready to enter this fascinating universe:

  • Find the store icon (Apple Store or Google Play) located on your home
  • Click on the icon and type the word TikTok in the search bar located at the top
  • Press the magnifying glass to start the search
  • Click on the icon corresponding to TikTok and press the “install” button

If you are not yet very experienced in this social network, the TikTok icon carries its logo, which is represented by a musical note with neon colors on a black background.

Once the installation is complete, you will finally be ready to start your journey from TikToker: you just have to press “Open” and the social network will open the doors for you.

We also remind you that TikTok is available not only for smartphones but also for tablets and iPads.

How to sign up for TikTok

The second and important step is obviously signing up. There are several options for starting the account that will allow you to access all the features that this incredible application has to offer:

You can sign up via the classic email account:

  • You have the option to simply use the phone number
  • Or choose to log up via other platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Instagram

Surely the last option is the most comfortable, fast, and intuitive, but I do not recommend associating two social media accounts with the same profile, for security reasons.

In these cases, it is always better to proceed with the classic registration via email and create your account from scratch.

To be able to do this you must enter some data, including your date of birth because TikTok will not allow you to register under 13 years of age.

At this point, only the profile photo is missing to complete the profile, to be inserted in the appropriate round icon, and the feed of the uploaded videos.

At the top right then, you will find an icon with three dots, through which you can access your profile settings.

Once you complete this step you are finally a full-fledged TikTok member!

Why should you make videos for TikTok?

Before starting to tinker with the spectacular features of this social network, the question may actually arise: “Why should I make a TikTok video?”.

The truth is that the simplest answer is the one that applies in general to all social networks and to everything in life: because it’s fun.

If you are fascinated by the world of social media and you love sharing your passion with friends or even thousands of users around the world, then why should you refrain from making a TikTok video?

This app offers many possibilities to give vent to your imagination, gives you many new ideas, and allows you to approach people from all over the world who want to share something or simply tear a smile.

It could then happen that this passion brings you luck and you will truly be able to reach millions of people with your creativity, earning a consistent following.

In this case, TikTok can also become profitable, since if the number of followers becomes substantial enough, it will start paying for the videos you make. If you struggle to get your target audience, you may check out sites to buy views also.

The TikTok influencers now play on equal terms with those of Instagram, and the thought could be tempting to many.

Overall, however, the real motivation for making videos on this social network remains in the fun and sharing that only it can give.

How does TikTok work?

Once registered, the time has finally come to take the first tour of the wonders of TikTok.

All you need is a pair of headphones, because music is very important in this case, and a great desire to explore.

The interface for viewing videos on this app is divided into two parts:

  • Following: or the videos of the people you follow
  • For You: that is, all those videos that the application recommends depending on your preferences and the content previously opened

If you open TikTok, it will send you directly to the For You section, but just swipe to the right to access the part dedicated to your Following instead.

A fundamental part of this social network is interactions, and there are five icons in all that allow you to interact in some way with this world.

While watching a video, you can scroll left or click on the profile icon to access the author’s page.

Once inside you can follow him and continue to see the other videos he produced.

To like the video you are watching, as used on Instagram, you will need to click on the heart-shaped icon, while to leave a comment you must touch the cartoon-shaped one.

If the video you have just seen has impressed you so much that you want to share it, simply click on the icon with the three dots that will allow you to do so.

Fortunately, TikTok also has a button to indicate videos that are not to your liking: long-press the screen while watching the video and a button will come out to click.

In that case, the algorithm will memorize it and will try not to recommend other similar contents.

But TikTok is made above all to make videos and so now we will explain the simple steps you need to take this little, big first step.

How to make a perfect TikTok video

Once you enter the TikTok interface, all that remains is to start creating your first video.

The steps are few and simple, but the satisfaction will be very great. Here they are below:

  1. Click on the + icon at the bottom center of the main interface. The first time the app will ask you to access the camera and microphone, accept, and continue with the process.
  2. Choosing the music and sounds, a fundamental part of the video. Touch the Sounds icon, and you can directly choose the music you prefer by searching for the song or artist in the search bar.
  3. Once you have chosen the music, click on the song and press the red button with the checkmark: at that point, the song will be inserted into the video.
  4. You can also choose the speed of the song, either x1, x2, or x3.
  5. Make the video. TikTok gives you the ability to both create and record the video directly from the app, and to load it already complete and edited from your phone. In the first case, just hold down the central red button, while in the second you will have to access the icon that is present at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. Then, if you want to make the video on the app but you don’t want to keep the button pressed, just set the timer with the icon in the lower right corner where a clock with the number 3 is drawn.
  7. Now you can also add filters and special effects: click the icon with the three colored circles and choose the one you like best.
  8. Click on the button at the top right to save.
  9. Adjust the volume of the music: you can change it by clicking on the volume button at the top right
  10. It is also possible to cut parts of videos by accessing the icon at the top right with the musical note and the X
  11. Continue by clicking Next: at this point, you can add the description, the cover, the hashtags, tag your friends, save it and share it on other social networks, and a series of other options.
  12. Finally, click on the Publish button.

How to do a duet on TikTok

Duets on TikTok are nothing more than videos recorded in response to other content.

They are usually used as a reaction to the content just seen and are becoming very frequent.

Basically, they are comments or answers, but sometimes you engage in real mirror performances compared to the original video, creating very interesting effects.

To make a duet the steps are few and simple and we list them below:

  • Choose the video you want to duet with
  • Now you have to touch the icon that indicates sharing and located at the bottom right
  • Then choose the “duets” option
  • Record your video in response to the previous one
  • Publish the video

Now your answer is ready and will automatically be linked to the initial video you chose.

How to take a poll on TikTok

TikTok also allows you to publish polls on your profile, which are very useful if you want to cultivate interactions with your followers.

In fact, polls are a very useful tool to collect feedback from your followers, to always publish content that is appreciated and shared.

They are also effective to involve your followers more and make them feel an integral part of your business.

Taking a poll is very simple and takes just a few steps:

  • Start recording the video
  • Open the stickers and click on the poll option
  • Complete captions and responses
  • Post the video and wait for your followers to respond

You just have to wait and see what their answers will be.

Video editing app for TikTok

Editing videos for TikTok is a key part of the process when you start to get pretty savvy. However, it is not so easy to find apps that allow you to do it easily and in a short time.

In fact, you could use normal video editor programs, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, but perhaps they require too much skill and precision for a small video that must be immediately usable.

However, there are some apps, widely used by tiktokers, which instead allow you to get excellent results, with special effects and good level editing, even in an intuitive and fast way.

Unlike professional video editor programs, they were developed for mobile devices and enable you to create viral content on the go.

The most common among insiders is perhaps VideoStar, which can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS.

The app allows you to create many special effects even using it for free, but it has a premium version that will give you access to unpublished content.

A second option, equally common and perhaps more professional, is KineMaster.

Also in this case it can be used for free, but the premium version will allow you to remove the watermark mark, which otherwise will appear in all edited videos.

We believe we have told you everything there was to know for a novice taking his first steps in the colorful and confusing world of TikTok.

Now, with all the necessary knowledge and weapons in hand, it will be up to you to enter this new adventure, and set out to conquer this spectacular universe.

The only rule remains to have fun and remember the great power that all social networks can unleash: your window on the world of TikTok is now open, and you can therefore enjoy all the wonders that the most popular app of the moment is. able to offer you.