How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

Do you have the goal of making money by blogging? First I want you to know that this is a full-fledged job, although very often it starts out as a hobby.

Creating a blog is a demanding job and requires a lot of studies. This is why we decided to help you with an article on how to start a blog, where you can find many useful tips and practical demonstrations for your project. Also, take a look at the articles in the blog section.

Even when it’s ready, you’ll need to keep blogging for months or even years before you see substantial profits. But if you work hard, know one thing: you could see hundreds and thousands of euros every month.

If you want to become a successful blogger, don’t think you need to have a popular site like that of someone who has already achieved great goals on the first day. Blogging is a real ‘marathon‘. What you need is a very specific strategy.

If you try to make money blogging without adopting a precise and in any case engaging line for your users, in a few months you would find yourself losing visits and credibility.

It is therefore essential to always provide quality content and use “healthy” methods with which to monetize.

For this reason, today we have collected a series of strategies, which can be really useful to achieve this goal without any risk. That is, aimed at teaching you how to become a blogger and make money with this activity.

10 ways to make money blogging

1) Advertising programs

Through services such as AdSense, you can earn with your blog every time someone clicks on a banner placed by Google on your site. This is a common method, but in some cases very profitable, which can provide you with a good income in the short term, destined to grow over time if your site has more and more visits.

Adsense is able to adapt the ads according to the contents of your site and if a visitor clicks on one of them you will earn with clicks: the gain obviously depends on how much each company is willing to pay for that click.

If a lot of visitors click on the ads then you too can earn a nice sum.

Tip: Never drive paid traffic to a blog with AdSense ads. Google will notice and suspend your account. It is also important to note that to earn good money with AdSense, it is necessary to have a lot of traffic.

2) Sell your advertising space

If you have spaces dedicated to advertising on your blog and you begin to have a good flow of traffic, you can use the BuySellAds platform to sell them at a fixed monthly cost to those who want to put a banner on your site. This is a solution you can adopt to make money blogging if your blog starts generating a good average of visits.

3) Sell affiliate products

Affiliations are those programs through which if you make a sale of a product or service advertised on your blog, a percentage of the sale is recognized (sometimes even if only if a user subscribes to certain sites or services, or even pay per click, as in the case of Adsense).

Affiliate marketing is truly gigantic and you too, with your blog, can benefit from it like many other bloggers.

There are hundreds of profitable affiliate programs covering countless different niches. For example, if your niche is photography, you might consider offering an affiliate camera on Amazon to your readers.

Or if you have a blog like ours on WordPress you might consider promoting affiliate plugins, themes, and widgets on Themeforest.

The important thing is to choose products that are in line with your niche and of quality, and that your audience needs.

There are affiliate programs such as Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, or Udemy that give you the opportunity to sponsor a wide range of products or services.

Don’t overload your site with too many banners: many visitors hate too much advertising. The best thing is to put a banner or two that are consistent with the content of your blog.

4) Selling and promoting from an affiliate network

how to make money blogging

You can promote your products or those of others in affiliation on platforms such as CommissionJunction and ClickBank to make money blogging thanks to commissions that can exceed 50% of sales!

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can advertise affiliate products via banners or emails. This is really a great way to make money from your blog, especially if you propose things related to your brand and the topics you cover in your blog.

5) Selling infoproducts

Infoproducts, such as video courses and ebooks, are literally depopulating the web. Today, more and more people are used to the idea of ​​learning online through these tools, which are easily downloadable and available anywhere and at any time.

Your blog and the quality of your content will also support the sale of information products in line with the themes of your niche. Making a video course or an ebook is not difficult if you have adequate skills and a great desire to get involved and pass on your knowledge.

To sell online courses and digital files you can use Easy Digital Downloads, a really simple tool.

6) Offer services and advice

A blog can be an excellent promoter of services and advice that you can offer to your visitors in a dedicated section of your blog.

If you offer free quality content, people will have one more reason to trust you and your professionalism, relying on you to ask for advice and possibly to ask you for additional paid help if they have previously tested your skills.

Webinars are also very fashionable and if they offer valid and above all unique content they can generate a lot of money.

7) Organize events

Many don’t think about organizing events using their blog. Events can be small in size and involve a few users or you can try to organize large conferences and try to attract users who do not necessarily come from your traffic base.

Very often, the gaming industry is underestimated as a starting point but the pages of the various famous and leading games continuously organize events involving web users of Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and attracting new ones.

Nothing prevents you from trying combinations or chained events between your various platforms to generate traffic and perhaps convert visitors into paying users. Don’t underestimate the potential offered by coupons and discounts to support everything.

8) Promote your freelance business

A blog can be a great business card for gaining more credibility and therefore work, in your freelance business.

Through platforms like Elance and Twago you can get paid for what you do best, such as writing articles.

Accessing this solution to promote your online business is really simple and immediate. It also doesn’t cost much and can allow you to take greater advantage of your online presence.

9) Create and resell blogs

Why not? Many web marketers use this technique to earn thousands of dollars! If you are fast and good at building blogs, get them to a good level and then resell them, that’s it!

Visit and you will realize that there is a real market for buying and selling blogs, with many possibilities to expand your business. Obviously, this is an area where only creativity and technical skill are rewarded, but if you have these skills you will profit from this solution.

10) Create a mailing list

Create a contact form on your blog and you can create a mailing list of people by offering freemium content (Premium, but for free) to your readers in exchange for their email.

Then you can send him targeted offers of your products or services, or in affiliation. In this way you can quickly expand your visitor base, creating a community of “followers”, and promote your business gradually but continuously.

When a user shares their email it is a clear sign of interest. Start building your list as soon as possible and you won’t regret it!

11) Ask for a donation

Many bloggers ask for a donation from their readers in order to keep the blog alive. It is very easy to insert the Paypal Donate Button directly on your site, to allow aficionados to contribute to the quality content you are publishing.

Patreon, a “crowdfunding” platform (literally “crowd financing”), is also very popular. Classic crowdfunding works very well when financing a “finished” product or a defined activity. Patreon solves the problem for the many creatives of the web (Blogger, Youtuber, etc.) by allowing its users to finance the publication of specific content or content that interests them most. This platform also allows recurring payments, for example, 1 $ for each article published by the blogger and monthly ceilings. Not to be underestimated as a tool!

Of course, you will always have to update your site with new posts, guides, or anything else that can be really engaging and useful for your users.


We have seen together a number of applicable ideas and effective techniques for making money blogging. I advise you to immediately think about a profit strategy if this is your goal. This is because introducing it later could confuse your visitors and “betray” their expectations in some way.