How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook

Find out how you can make money online on Facebook and what methods are currently available to monetize your profile, page or group on Facebook. In this article, I collect the best tips related to the monetization of Facebook pages and not only by taking advantage of online affiliations, networks that work only on social media and our direct experience with this topic.

If you have not already read the guides I have published, I recommend that you read “How to create a Facebook account” and “How to sell on Facebook“, in this article I will try to explain how to make money on Facebook by promoting your content.

There are various methods to make money on Facebook, the most popular today is certainly Affiliate Marketing through advertising campaigns (thus investing money in advertising).

Let’s try to understand at this point How to make money on Facebook.

All the methods to make money on Facebook

Usually, those who really manage to make money with Facebook, either have a page with a very high number of active users who interact with the page, or buy advertising on Facebook to bring users to landing pages created to generate leads and sales. It is very common that people purchase engagement for Facebook to reach the target market.

It used to be easier to make money with Facebook and viral content pages, but after a series of updates to the Facebook algorithm and a few Facebook Pages bans, the situation has changed.

Precisely for this reason, several “Online Workers” have chosen to move to Affiliate Marketing or Dropshipping.

If you want to earn something you can use a series of services that will allow you to get commissions from the sale of products or services online: your Facebook page can become a “showcase” where you can promote products and services.

For example, those who are starting out choose to publish Amazon links to receive an affiliate commission, advertising to bring users to Amazon on the other hand is risky and could lead you to lose money (unless you are a true advertising professional on Facebook and know the best strategies to make a profit).

Earn money with eCommerce on Facebook

If you have an online store, or if you have products to sell, you might think about creating a real eCommerce / Shop inside Facebook, using the Facebook Marketplace, or perhaps services like Blomming that allow you to open virtual shops.

Make Money on Facebook Selling T-Shirts and Merchandise

If you have a very popular page, you might think about printing themed jerseys, stickers, sweatshirts, merchandise to sell to your fans.

There are numerous print on demand sites that today allow you to create customized products, see for example Printful

Each time you generate a sale you can get a commission / percentage on the sale.

Make Money Selling Posts on Facebook

Some companies are interested in pages that are very popular or with many interactions and may ask you to publish sponsored posts within your page, or start real collaborations.

Pricing is set by the page owner and can range from $ 5.00 up to $ 5000 or more depending on the interactions and results that post can bring to a business.

If I don’t have a website, can I still earn?

Yes, because the legal methods seem to be inextricably linked to the ownership of a web space (site, forum, blog, youtube channel, …). Of course, you can make money with Facebook without a website! The web is ready to tell you that you can make money by creating applications for Facebook. And we are point and head. If you don’t have developer skills, and especially if you don’t develop apps that encourage users to share, use, play, buy within the app … Once again, you won’t earn anything.

Examples of apps and companies that make a lot of money with Facebook? Zynga, Farmville, Candy Crush Saga, …

How to make money on Facebook by sharing links (and with affiliations):

There are various ways that you can make money by sharing status updates with advertisements, below we list the ones we consider the most reliable:

  • adMingle (on this page you will find the presentation of the company, to subscribe to adMingle click on “adMingle, earn from social media”), once registered on the platform (it is an affiliation network for social media) and enter your interests targeted campaigns will be proposed with your profile, you can choose to promote them or not and you will be paid based on the actions that your posts will generate: likes, shares, clicks on the ad or lead. You can earn from 0.10 cents per click to about $ 10 per lead (contact), clearly, the estimates are approximate as they change from campaign to campaign. An example of a campaign? XFactor, Sky, Fiat, Mastercard,… You can choose between messages chosen by the companies or to “personalize your message”, absolutely recommended.
  • PRClick (to register on the PR Click platform click on “PR Click Registration”): This is an affiliate program that pays from 0.03 cents to 0.05 cents per click. You get paid only for unique clicks, the payout depends on the ad campaign. Payout 75 $ and payment by Paypal or Bank transfer.
  • Linkstation: we have not tested it directly, it seems to be dedicated to those who own Facebook pages: once registered, we choose the content that we are willing to publish on our Facebook page and earn for every click received.
  • Take advantage of affiliations: here you have to give space to your creativity. If you have a target of users interested in the world of high tech, for example, you could take advantage of promotions from Amazon (or other portals that have affiliate campaigns) to promote products and earn on the sales you will generate, or with travel offers, with the discounts of Zalando, or making a selection dedicated to fashion and seasonal products, in short, really room for imagination!

How Much Can I Earn With Facebook?

It clearly depends on how many fans your page has (clearly you can use these methods for groups as well). Fan Pages with millions of fans, for example, get paid to share posts, and a post is paid based on the views or clicks it gets. In short, you can earn from 0 to more than $ 5,000 a month, according to the experiences of some people we talked to!

Monetize Facebook by gaining exposure

This is the “classic” content that you will read on hundreds of websites: phrases and stories like “create your Facebook page, link it to your site and you will probably gain traffic and possible conversions”. The real problem is that:

  • Creating a Facebook page is simple, populating it is not
  • It will be difficult to get a large number of fans if you are a small company unless you have a viral idea
  • You will start spamming your page and you will be considered a spammer
  • The page will have no interactions (unless you can create viral content)
  • You could try to take advantage of “social plugins” to increase the number of likes on your page, bringing traffic from your website, but how much will this help you to earn with Facebook?
  • You will probably publish the contents of your site/blog within your page in an automated manner, and these will be seen by too few people, they will not bring traffic, they will not bring income. And also “if I don’t have a website I can make money with Facebook”? As you saw in the first part of the article, you can easily make money even without a website.

Making money with Facebook: Illegal methods

In the last section of this article, we have decided to dedicate it to illegal methods, when you see something similar online, report it to Facebook or to whoever is responsible, to prevent someone from falling into these traps.

There are several illegal methods to make money on Facebook, the one that has spread the most over the years has the typical style of the American message “find out how I managed to earn more than $ 1000 a month on Facebook without doing anything, sign up here”.

Generally you are asked to make a small payment via PayPal to get all the instructions, which, for those who want to know, are: Resell this system, get paid and send this email. A classic chain of Sant’Antonio to be clear!

Pages promoting absurdity: practical example “If you also want facebook not to pay, please like our page” (pages dedicated to fake animals, pages dedicated to the economic crisis, …), in this way the number of I like the page and then sell the content published within the page itself. This system was used a lot before Facebook decided to drastically reduce the number of people on a page viewing the published content.

A similar system to the last one we talked about is to sell these pages that have collected several likes. Pages are generally paid around $ 2 for every 100 subscribers.

Resale of cloned fan pages: there are some “black” systems that allow you to clone the pages and sell them. Cloned pages generally have millions of likes/fans, but once Facebook finds the page, it closes it immediately. You lost money, whoever sold you the page earned it.

These are some of the illegal methods that allow some crafty to make money illegally with Facebook … But it is also possible to earn money with Facebook seriously, using the social network to its full potential.

How does Facebook make money?

Someone wonders instead how does Facebook make money if it offers a free service? It is in fact the most used Social Network in the world, with more than 850,000,000 (eight hundred and fifty million) people who connect every day to watch what their friends are posting or to post funny photos, videos and images.

How does Mark Zuckergerg, the founder of Facebook, make money with his platform? Of course, it does this thanks to advertising: when we register on Facebook and enter our personal data or when we interact on Facebook by liking pages or contents, Facebook records this information and then shows us advertisements based on our interactions and our interests.

All this is possible thanks to Facebook Ads, the Facebook advertising platform that allows advertisers to promote themselves through Facebook: ads on Facebook can in fact be paid for impressions (views), interactions, clicks or performance (lead generation).

Another way Facebook Earns is the world of applications and games: Farmville, Cash of Clans, Mafia Wars,…. The companies that produce them enter into commercial agreements with Facebook thanks to which both companies earn when users buy and use Facebook credits, a kind of virtual currency.