How to make money on YouTube: All you need to know

How to make money on YouTube: All you need to know

Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube through videos that are posted online? I bet yes and if you are here now and are reading this guide it is evidently because you have not yet been able to find a satisfactory answer to your question.

If this is indeed the case, know that this time too you can count on me. In fact, I can provide you with all the explanations of the case and show you how to raise money from your online videos.

To answer your question immediately, know that to make money on YouTube the easiest way is advertising, the one that is shown before the videos or directly on them. But how do you get it? Simple, you have to become a YouTube partner.

Having clarified this point, if you are therefore really interested in learning more and discovering everything possible to do to be able to make money on YouTube, I suggest you take a few minutes of free time and concentrate carefully on reading this tutorial.

I do not promise you that at the end of this guide you will have become a “maharajah” thanks to your videos published on the net but you will certainly have much clearer ideas on how to earn some money thanks to the videos published on the net on the well-known Google platform. So, are you ready? Yes? Very well, so let’s ban the chatter and get started.

As I told you, to make money on YouTube it is essential to become a partner of the site. To be accepted in the program, you need to have a fair number of views, many videos uploaded to the channel and you must not make any infringements relating to copyright or YouTube’s internal regulations. If you think you have all the credentials, go for it. It costs nothing.

Before giving you all the explanations of the case on becoming a partner of the well-known video portal and, consequently, on how to make money on YouTube, I want you to keep in mind one fundamental thing. To generate sizeable revenue, you also need to have a sizeable audience.

Put simply, there are few, indeed very few, those who manage to earn a living only from YouTube (intended as advertising revenue). Many more people can earn thanks to the personal promotion that YouTube, with its huge reach of the public, allows to carry out. But this is another matter.

Choose a third party network

Another important factor to consider is that of partnerships with third-party companies. The standard YouTube affiliation, the one I am about to tell you about, is only for those who have no “tube” star ambitions and do not allow for very high revenues.

The so-called YouTube-stars, those who grind tens of thousands of views on each video and count hundreds of thousands of subscribers, rely on external networks that act as intermediaries with the Google portal, which, in exchange for a small percentage on advertising revenue, they allow them to receive technical support, promotions to increase views and extra content (such as copyrighted soundtracks) for use in videos.

To find the most suitable network for your channel, you can search for the services used by the most famous YouTubers using the SocialBlade platform which you can access by clicking here. Once the main SocialBlade web page is displayed, just type the username of a YouTuber in the bar located at the top right and click on the Search button, that’s all. Alternatively, you can consult the ranking of the Top 100 networks by clicking here.

Regardless of the type of affiliation chosen, YouTube pays for videos based on a criterion called CPM (cost per thousand impressions). The amount of money that is due to those who exploit advertising on YouTube is therefore linked to how much the sponsors pay and the amount can vary every month. In general, however, it is possible to say that for every 1000 views on a video with advertising it is possible to get only a few dollars, approximately from 5.00 to 7.00 dollars gross.

Become a YouTube partner

Now let’s get down to business. If you intend to try to make money on YouTube the first thing you need to do is to click here to connect to your account management panel.

Now make sure that the channel you own has a good reputation, both in terms of copyright and in terms of community standards. Then check that next to the Community rules and Copyright there is a green dot. If this is not the case, I am sorry to tell you but … you will not be able to request the monetization of the videos and therefore make money with YouTube.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, also verify that your channel has reached at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Then click on the Activate button next to the Monetization page to send your request to become a partner through monetization by publishing ads on your videos.

Now choose the available ad formats and then press the Monetize button. Personally, I suggest you leave the ticks on the items In-video overlay ads and skippable video ads, or in any case press the Preview item to see what it is for good before performing the deactivation.

If all goes well and you are accepted into the partner program, YouTube will automatically add ads to all your videos. If this is not possible for one or more videos, you will be shown a specific notification.

Later you can still activate the advertising banners in your videos by accessing your channel, selecting the Video Management item located at the top left, placing the checkmark next to the videos on which you want to activate monetization, selecting the Monetize item from the Actions menu and indicating the types of advertising to be displayed in the movies you have chosen.

Keep in mind that to ensure that advertising is inserted in your videos and therefore to be able to earn with YouTube, the videos must be 100% original and must not violate any rules of copyright or behavior, otherwise they are not published.

Also know that before activating the advertising, YouTube will verify the content of the videos through a procedure that could last up to 24-48 hours and, in particular cases, it could request the sending of information proving that you have all the rights to use certain content on a commercial level.

Receive payments

Payments from the standard YouTube affiliation take place only through Adsense (unlike those of third-party networks which can also be made through other systems), so before activating advertisements on your movies, make sure you connect your YouTube account with Adsense.

For more information on this, you can consult the specific Google guide which you can access by clicking here and you can take a look at my guide on how to make money with AdSense.

Other useful tips

Now that you have finally understood what you need to do to be able to make money with YouTube, before leaving you free to try to monetize as much as possible with your videos, there are some simple but very useful tips that I think you should give and that you would do well to take seriously.

To make money on YouTube it is essential to work hard by giving space to talent and creativity, trying to produce something that has real value for the viewer. Precisely for this reason, to better understand how to proceed, I suggest you follow the most famous YouTube channels and keep an eye on how often by publishing new videos and how they interact with fans. You may also look for growth tools for youTube. However we recommend choosing an organic tool and staying away from scam tools. For example, if you visit qqtube and read this qqtube review you will know it’s not a suitable tool for YouTube. So before choosing any tool for Youtube read the reviews first.

I also advise you to choose a category of belonging for your videos on which you have a good knowledge or for which you have more interest and then try to produce videos that you think can have a real value not only for you but also and above all for others and that can attract the attention of others because of good quality.

Finally, I invite you to try to promote your channel and your videos as much as possible by putting into practice special but simple strategies such as those I indicated in my guide on how to get more subscribers on YouTube and in my tutorial on how to get more views on YouTube.

How much can i earn on YouTube?

If I told you that you can make millions with YouTube, I would be telling you a huge lie. Currently, only those who manage to make hundreds of thousands of views can really get rich. But don’t despair, I will shortly give you some tips on how to maximize profits and make money with your Youtuber passion.

Let’s start with the figures. There is no fixed price that is paid to you for each view, but your income depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay.

On average, for 1000 views (what YouTube calls CPM, cost per thousand views), you will be paid between $ 5 and $ 8 gross. Even if you are not a math genius, you will understand for yourself that to make $ 500 you will need about 80,000-100,000 views.

Don’t panic, there are other ways to earn and above all to grow your following.

How a Youtuber can maximize profits

One of the ways to make more money on YouTube is to simply grow your audience. To do this, it is useful to consider a partnership with third-party companies. These companies offer themselves as intermediaries between you and Google, and they don’t ask you to give them money directly, but a percentage of your income.

In return you will have specialized technical support and promotions to increase the number of viewers and reach new potential subscribers. They also often source material that you otherwise would not be able to use for free or without violating YouTube’s rules, such as anything that is copyrighted.

Another very simple and underestimated way is the sponsorship of the video or rather the “product placement“. In recent years, more and more companies have realized how important word of mouth is on the net.

After all, how many times before buying something do we ask an opinion from a friend who we believe is an expert in that product? And how many times to understand how to do some things we watch the tutorials right on YouTube? Well, aware of this, more and more companies have equipped themselves with people whose only job is to find and maintain contacts with influencers and YouTubers.

Let’s take a classic example. Let’s say you are an engine enthusiast and you are about to do the video tutorial: “How and when the oil in the scooter should be changed“. Stop! Before shooting, contact the most famous manufacturers of motor oil. Search for the number on the web and let the company’s marketing office pass by.

If you can also figure out who is responsible and know the name, you are already well on your way. Don’t be shy, but don’t be unprepared either. You will certainly not make a good impression if you start talking and pause with each word with the inevitable “ehmm” interspersed.

Tell him concisely who you are, what you do, and what your idea for the video tutorial is. Also, tell them that you would like the idea of ​​a sponsorship: in exchange, you will use their product in the tutorial. Get the email so you can send him the links and all the information he needs. If your YouTube channel is in line with their target market, they will respond with an offer.

Well, now that you know everything it takes to make money on YouTube, all you have to do is get started. After all, you have to lose, it’s just a passion, isn’t it? Or is it already a job? Or maybe both at the same time?