How to make money with Adsense

How to make money with Adsense

After reading my guide on how to start a blog and putting into practice the guidance I gave you in it, your website has had a marked improvement in terms of searches and views. For this reason, now you would like to try to monetize your work by inserting advertising banners within the blog. I guessed it, right? If so, I have the right solution for you – it’s called Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular tools for monetizing online content. To be more precise, it is an advertising circuit that connects advertisers and publishers (i.e. companies that need advertising) and the managers of blogs or Internet sites who want to monetize their content, in a very simple way. In fact, after creating your AdSense account, Google makes available some codes to insert on your site, allowing you to earn based on the clicks on them and the views generated. Interesting, right? So let’s not waste any more time chatting and let’s take action immediately!

Courage: make yourself comfortable, take five minutes of free time and let me explain in detail how to make money with AdSense. Read the next paragraphs carefully, try to put into practice the indications I am about to give you and I assure you that creating an account and inserting the ad units on your site will be really a breeze. All that’s left for me is to wish you good reading and good luck with everything!

Create a Google AdSense account

The first step to be able to make money with your website by inserting advertising banners is to create an account on Google AdSense. All you need is a Google account and a site with a second-level address (for example or belonging to AdSense partner services, such as Blogger or Altervista.

To register on Google Adsense, log in to your Google account, connected to the main page of the service and click on the Register Now button, then enter the required data in the fields Your website and Your email address, put the checkmark next to voice Yes, I would like to receive personalized guidance and performance suggestions to receive useful emails to get started on Google AdSense and press the Save and continue button.

On the next screen, select the option relating to the country you are, read the terms and conditions of the service, put the checkmark next to Yes, I have read and accepted the agreement and click the Create account button.

Now, select one of the options available between Private or Company (if you want to monetize the website of a company, organization, association or training institute) through the drop-down menu under the Account type item, then enter your data in the fields Name, Address, Postcode, City, Province and Telephone number and press the Send button.

On the Verify your phone number screen put the checkmark next to Text message (SMS) or Voice call and click on the Generate verification code option to receive the control code to verify your phone number. Then enter the 6-digit code in the Verification code field and press the Send button to complete the verification.

To complete the activation of your account, click on the item Copy the code, in order to copy the code shown on the screen, insert it in the HTML code of your site (between the <head> and </head> tags), affix the checkmark next to the item I pasted the code on my site and presses the Finish button.

Usually, the verification and activation process takes less than a day, but in some cases it can take longer. As soon as your request is accepted, you will receive an email at the address indicated when creating your account.

Create an ad unit

After you have created and verified your account, you are ready to create an ad unit to later be placed on your website and start earning.

To create your first ad unit, log into your AdSense account, click on the My Ads item in the left sidebar and select the Ad Units option. In the new open page, press the New Ad Unit button and click on the Select item relating to the type of ad you want to create.

  • Text and display ads: These are the most popular ad units that combine images and text. You can choose the size, style and position of the banner.
  • Matched content: these are banners that are usually placed at the bottom of the article and that allow both sponsored content and related articles to be displayed on your site. It is a useful tool to increase page views and time spent on the site and, consequently, advertising revenue.
  • In-Feed ads: they are ad units to be included in the feed of your website. They are customizable and adaptable to the appearance of the content.
  • In-Article Ads: these are the ad units to be inserted between the paragraphs of the articles on your site. They automatically adapt to the content.

Once you have made your choice, enter the name to give to the ad unit in the Name field, set its size using the drop-down menu next to Display (I recommend Adaptable that adapts to any type of screen) and, if you wish, modify it the style in the Ad Type section. Then press the Save and get code button, copy the code displayed in the Ad Code field and paste it on the pages of the site where you want the banner to be displayed. It takes 20-30 minutes to display the ad unit correctly.

If you have a website built with WordPress, you should know that there are some plugins that allow you to insert advertising banners without intervening in the programming code. Among the ones you can consider are Ad Inserter and Insert Ads on Post.

Add and verify a payment method

When your earnings reach the payment method selection threshold ($ 10), all you have to do is add and verify a payment method to receive, upon reaching the payment threshold ($ 100), the earnings accumulated with the units advertisements placed on your website.

To add a payment method, connected to the Google AdSense website, log into your account and select the Payments option in the left sidebar. In the new page opened, click on the item Manage payment methods and select the Add payment method option.

On the Add a payment method page, then enter your current account details and press the Save button to complete the addition of the payment method.

You should know that upon reaching the address verification threshold ($ 10), Google automatically sends a PIN code by mail to the physical address associated with your account to activate the payment. Before reaching the $ 10 threshold, check the correctness of the data relating to your address.

Then log in to your AdSense account, select the Payments option in the left sidebar and click on Manage Settings in the Settings box. Now, check that the data shown in the Name and address section are correct, otherwise click on the pencil icon, proceed with entering the correct data and press the Save button.

After receiving the PIN code by regular mail (the wait is 2-3 weeks), log in to your AdSense account, click on the Settings and Account Data options in the left sidebar and, in the new open page, select the item Verify address. Then enter the PIN code in your possession in the appropriate field and press the Send PIN button to complete the verification.

Once you have completed the procedure for entering the payment method and verifying your address, you are ready to receive your first earnings.

Check your Google AdSense earnings

how to make money with adsense

Ad units created with Google AdSense generate revenue when users click on them. Only some campaigns – actually very rare – provide for a fee for the impression, that is, only for the display of banners by visitors. At any time, you can check the earnings of Google AdSense and monitor the progress of individual ad units.

On the main page of your account, you can view the Estimated revenue box with an overview of the total earnings of the day, the previous day, the last seven days, the current month and the available balance of your account (the earnings totalled in the previous months if the minimum payment threshold has not been reached).

To view the earnings of individual ad units, click on the Performance reports item and select the time interval of your interest through the drop-down menu Last 7 days (on the right), then click on the Add option, select the Ad Units option and put the checkmark next to the ad unit of your interest to check its estimated revenue and consult its statistics in terms of Impressions, Clicks, RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions), Visibility etc.

If, on the other hand, you want to check the status of payments, past transactions and set the minimum payment threshold, click on the Payments item in the left sidebar and select the View transactions option to view the revenue history of your AdSense account and of payments received.

Instead, select the Manage settings item and click on the pencil icon relating to the Calendar and payments option to change the minimum payment threshold (it cannot be less than $ 100).

You need to know that Google AdSense checks monthly earnings on the first day of each month. If the earnings exceed the minimum payment threshold, Google will make the transfer on the 21st of the same month, otherwise, the money earned will be moved to the account balance and accumulated until the minimum payment threshold is reached. To learn more, I’ll leave you with the official Google AdSense guide.

In conclusion, it will be useful to know that Google AdSense is also available as an application for Android and iOS devices. The application in question allows you to monitor estimated revenue and the performance of ad units directly from smartphones and tablets.