How to make money without working

How to make money without working

One of the biggest legends that have spread the internet is that linked to easy money, those that, to be clear, can be made without working.

It may seem a paradox that many people believe the many stories that run online, especially in light of the fact that work has become increasingly precarious and people often work more to earn less.

In this article I want to provide you with the method used by the rich and which, in the small, I also try to exploit to improve my financial situation.

I will explain to you, in simple terms and 9 well-structured points, how you can do to leave your situation of financial uncertainty and make a definitive turn.

Let’s start.

DISCLAIMER – Making money work for you is a point of arrival, not a starting point

Get this thing straight ahead: if you don’t get busy, you can forget about immediate or future earnings.

If you want to earn more you have to put in your head an important point: you have to change your mindset.

If you sit on the sofa scrolling Facebook or watching TV, you have little chance of achieving financial freedom because miracles don’t exist.

Every job has a leverage

Many personal finance experts such as Robert Kiyosaki argue that it is possible to create passive income in sectors such as real estate or by becoming an investor in companies or other activities.

The reasoning is undoubtedly acceptable but slightly emphasized with respect to reality.

I try to explain you better: when you are managing a real estate portfolio of 50 apartments or if you invest in start-ups, although you certainly have less effort than a waiter or a laborer and you do not leave the house every morning at 7 to go in the office as an employee, you are not completely immune from work.

Your employment, in this case, is substantiated in the coordination and organization of activities, whether they are new investments or routine (management).

I don’t know about you, I freak out about checking bills, paying taxes, grocery shopping and managing my daily routine. When, for example, you had to have many properties or stakes in companies or even if you had “only” a few million in your current account, you would surely be called to manage everything that follows.

Even delegating these activities to any collaborators you should control and coordinate them, making sure that they carry out your directives. In this case, your “job” would be to manage who has to manage … we hope that the pun will help to convey the idea!

In short, completely passive income does not exist. I wanted to dismantle this myth because, in my opinion, it creates too many illusions in people: the fact remains that the problems we have analyzed are certainly more stimulating than those that are faced when at the end of the month the money runs out at the current account and you have to jump through hoops. to go shopping.

I made this premise to tell you that every job has leverage: jobs employed by others have less (in fact, you trade time for money) while more advanced ones like the investor have much more.

To earn a lot and achieve the dream that many want – to make money without working – you need to aim for a job with more leverage.

Escape the Hamster Wheel

Economic literature defines the hamster wheel or rat race as the everyday life of those who, in a nutshell, is trapped in a situation with no outlets: they work, go into debt to buy houses and cars, spend, and are always in trouble until the age of pension when to survive, he has to wait for the public pension or, at most, can count on a small supplementary pension built with his life savings.

The vast majority of ways to make money that you know will, in essence, never allow you to get off the hamster wheel and, consequently, increase your well-being.

The classification of the society in which the hamster wheel problem is framed is that of Robert Kiyosaki who has drawn up, within one of his books, the four quadrants of cash flow.

make money without working

If you have already read books, followed courses or seminars on this topic you can continue reading because you know exactly what I am talking about.

You need to have more leverage

Leverage is the tool that allows you to raise something: in the financial field, it allows you to obtain greater earnings and increase your wealth.

Each profession has leverage, regardless of the position, it occupies within the position you occupy in the company. Even those in the most disadvantaged position have leverage that is that of their time: the more they are worth, the more money they can raise.

Your aim, if you want to be rich, is to become an entrepreneur or an investor, so to be in the best quadrants.

The 9 Steps to Making Money Without Working

After having made all these clarifications, let’s try to draw up a program to follow.

I do not know your personal situation, so I am not able to know exactly what condition you are in, but consider that assuming you are not 60 you can easily grasp the right nuances from the following lines.

Ideal profile: young between 20 and 30 years old

If you started thinking about money and your financial growth before the age of 20 I congratulate you, you may have already made a lot of progress that your peers are very far from.

Generally, this is the age at which one attends the University or one has the first approaches to the world of work: I am not going to dwell on the convenience of graduating, let’s pretend that you have an employee job or that you carry out a profession arising from your youthful passion or from the studies you have brilliantly completed.

At this stage, you are not yet able to be an entrepreneur but if you roll up your sleeves it is only good for you, first of all, because you can still earn something: I don’t know about you but I did not have a family that could support me up to 30 years, I have started working as a kid, in the summer, to make some money. I guess this is the same situation as most people.

Even if you were relatively wealthy, I still advise you to get busy because the approach to an employee or profession helps you to grow. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to work in the industry you love, you may find future business opportunities right here.

Now let’s see the 9 fundamental points that you need to print and paste on your desk if you really want to take your life in hand and turn around.

1. Saving money is the key

In the preparation phase, if you do not have any savings or inheritance aside, you absolutely must save at least 30% of what you earn: there are sacrifices to be made, we do not fool ourselves.

The money you set aside will serve you both for when you have to quit your job and to have a buffer of relative peace of mind should something go wrong.

Furthermore, learning to save is essential in order not to allow consumerism to take control of your wallet and waste your money on unproductive expenses such as clothes, cars, motorcycles, televisions, and other toys: when you can afford it, you will buy what you want, in this phase avoids.

2. Your job is an incredible opportunity

Employee work has an extraordinary advantage: outside office hours and on weekends you have plenty of free time and, above all, you have no stress.

Let’s understand:

  • the nuisance boyfriend or girlfriend is not a stressor;
  • the dog is not a stressor;
  • the football championship is not a stress;
  • friends who want to go to the disco until 3 are not a stress;
  • family is a stress;
  • not being able to make it to the end of the month is stressful (in this case, start saving by following the advice above);
  • having health problems is stressful.

If you are self-employed or if you have done so in the past, you can understand what I am talking about, if you are not self-employed you have a great opportunity because you have relatively a lot of free time and you do not have the stress of having to think about how to get on with it.

3. Study, study, study

how to make money without working

You can devote all the time you have left to studying which is essential if you can’t concentrate after work you can take advantage of the morning: get up an hour earlier, take an hour all to yourself and then go to work.

Perhaps no one has ever told you this, but business is a matter of mentality rather than operation: forming a solid culture is the best strategy that precedes the actual beginning.

The more you know, the less you risk making mistakes: the successful entrepreneur is the one who knows how to predict, limit, face, and manage risks.

You don’t have to be in a hurry to start right away: this process can last for years, years that you invest in change and you absolutely do not waste.

4. Don’t be in a hurry, those who go slow go healthy and go far

By the time you feel ready to go operational, you will have accumulated savings and developed clearer ideas on how to start your first business.

You have most likely realized that it is not convenient for you to give up your job immediately but, rather, it is preferable to start with businesses that take up relatively little time or that in any case can start working even if you dedicate yourself to it for a few hours.

Other sectors that are suitable in this regard are the business of vending machines, real estate investments, renting vacation homes with Airbnb, and many others that you yourself can find by carefully studying markets that you may not know.

However, I suggest you start from relatively simple activities and with limited economic outlays: beware that simply does not mean “I do what everyone does“. For example, in my country of origin by the sea there is a rush to open holiday homes and bed and breakfasts: the boom in the various Airbnbs is, in fact, expanding the number of entrepreneurs in the sector.

Many even buy properties at prohibitive prices (I’m talking about a prestigious tourist area) with not very far-sighted projects that will allow them, at best, to recover their investment after many years.

Furthermore, sticking to the example I have given you, every business thrives on flows and even tourism goes on in alternating phases, with ups and downs: a sudden contraction in demand, today even more than before, can destroy any business. Getting into one with limited investments allows you to protect yourself from this risk as well.

By running a part time business you have two advantages that you must absolutely consider:

  • You don’t give up the job that allows you to live, so you don’t jump in the dark right away;
  • You have the ability to manage the start-up of the business without performance anxiety and to calmly make all the necessary corrections.

5. First crossroads: quit your job and become an entrepreneur

At this point you will find yourself having a job and a micro business of your own: you can manage the situation for a few years but, I assure you, if the first businesses start to go well, the steady position will start to be more and more tight. since you have experienced the thrill of autonomy and control.

A friend of mine, for example, built a series of annuities on the internet without leaving a permanent job: at one point he found himself getting three times his salary from new projects, I guess the last period he spent in the office was pretty boring.

The time when you can quit is near because:

  • you have started one or more businesses that can give you an income equal to or greater than the previous salary;
  • you realize that trading time for money does not make you grow and that if you were able to spend all your time in the business with the same leverage as the secondary ones you could see your incomes soar;
  • you started this process with the awareness of having to change your life, otherwise, you would not have faced a period of more or less great sacrifices.

If you are still afraid or if you simply feel comfortable earning more, you can also stop here: it is not mandatory to go further.

If, on the other hand, you want to continue with your path, the time has come to become a full-fledged entrepreneur.

I suggested that you start with relatively simple businesses and with reduced use of money and time for a very simple reason: business is like exercise, you can’t think of operating as a sportsman right away if you have never got your ass out of the way. sofa. As you improve, your ability to handle complex situations grows.

Life is a context that you must always and progressively expand: you put the content along the way, training yourself adequately and planning the execution of your plans.

The context is what is around you, your mentality, your way of approaching things: the greater the difficulties, the greater the problems you learn to solve and the more chances you have of acquiring technical training, specific consultancy, services and other elements material or intangible that are functional to the execution of your content.

6. 100% Entrepreneur

If you decide to quit and fully dedicate yourself to your projects, you can:

  • increase existing ones, taking control of them, and planning an expansion;
  • start new ones, taking advantage of having more time.

Consider that you run a risk that I have experienced myself: initially, if you put the exchange of time for money in the attic, you will think that your time has become infinite.

You will realize, after a while, that at some point your desire to do something, your commitment and your long pulls until the evening or on weekends will not be enough anyway.

Welcome to the entrepreneurs club, rest assured. At this point, it will be necessary for you to surround yourself with collaborators (if you have not already done so before) and face new investments of time and/or money.

A specific article would be needed to tackle this process, for our project to stop working the roads are those we saw at the beginning of this paragraph: either make your business grow to the maximum possible point or start other activities.

There are various theories on the subject: there are those who argue that a single, well-developed business can be worth millions of dollars and those who, on the other hand, believe that it is necessary to distribute business risk over several activities.

My thinking is somewhere in between: all the activities in which I am engaged to have to do with the web, in each of them I rely on my contribution as an expert in the sector but changing the shareholder structure and monetization objectives. In this way, my contribution is better because I provide experience and know-how that I have consolidated over the years but the businesses are different from a monetization point of view.

7. Leaders are readers

The most important businessmen in the world are serial readers: if you want to do business in today’s society, you must know that you must always be on the spot. Today information is worth more than capital, the level of knowledge has an invaluable ROI. It is no coincidence that I suggested that you study for a long time before starting and this aspect must be a constant in your future as an entrepreneur.

When you start a company that employs many people directly or indirectly, you have a great responsibility: you have to be a leader, you have to lead the processes.

A leader does not mean boss: in all the businesses in which I am engaged, I constantly speak with my partners because I consider their opinion extremely valuable, however when I am afraid I try to be aware of the great responsibility I have taken on.

Business is an extraordinary journey that can give you a lot of satisfaction but never forget the human side: there are people who, in one way or another, will come into contact with you.

Many will just want to rip you off or use you as a taxi / ATM to achieve their often futile goal: get to know them and avoid them.

Other people, on the other hand, will carry out their work with seriousness and diligence: value them, transfer their trust and knowledge to them.

Also on this last aspect, you will have to fill your library but you will face the merit in due time.

8. The method has more company value

If you are lucky enough to invent Facebook and go public, joining the club for the rich is safe. However, most of us don’t have the phenomenal shot in the barrel, the only stainless skill you can develop is the method.

An entrepreneur above all knows how to find opportunities, build business plans, and involve people in his projects.

Even if your fledgling companies should give you satisfaction, a crisis is just around the corner: the world goes fast, society changes quickly and what was worth 2 years ago may already be obsolete. You must be prepared for this too, for this reason, I argue that the real talent you need to develop is the method.

Never feel satisfied, always observe the market, update on news, and continuously test new solutions to make money: only in this way, in fact, will you be able to face the changes in a big way.

An entrepreneur linked exclusively to his business is a commodity like an employee or a professional specialized in a single subject, an entrepreneur who has learned to create systems and organize processes knows how to face all the challenges that arise in front of him.

9. Become an investor

In my adolescence I really enjoyed spending time with video games: I especially loved role-playing games, those in which the mind is worth more than mere execution.

Most games are made up of levels, as you progress and improve you face an increasingly difficult level that you have to try your hand at.

If you have quit your job and become an entrepreneur, after developing several companies you may have grown tired of always acting firsthand.

The money you have put aside can be a lever to mix with your ability to read the business, other entrepreneurs maybe younger are appearing on the square and may need capital or simply skills: what better opportunity to assert the your experience?

An investor seeks out opportunities in his or her industry or others and invests money; in some cases, the investor is also a mentor, a sort of senior figure who offers advice, provides contacts and skills in exchange for a share of the company.

As I have written several times on my blog, I do not agree with those who believe that the investor is the stage that marks the culmination of a path for those who want to make money without working.

You will realize, if you have read this far, that money is not automatic but there are only opportunities with more leverage than others. If you become an investor you can undoubtedly live a comfortable life, your physical and mental efforts become less because it is no longer you who act in the first person but, precisely for this reason, you must not let go.

If you can, as I hope, get to this point, you will no longer need me: your background will be such that you will be able to act alone.