How to make your tweets popular: what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re startingoff on this platform

How to make your tweets popular: what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re starting
off on this platform

Twitter was crazily popular back in time, and today it’s regaining its popularity back: thanks to recent events and to the possibility for people to speak freely here. Many social media platforms went down the path of restricting freedom of speech, and many people did not like it – those who want to talk about anything and however they want, found a cozy corner for themselves on Twitter. That’s why it’s great to blog here – you can reach perhaps one of the widest audiences and talk only about what you deem necessary. The only difficulty may be the format: it is not as simple as it may seem, and it can be quite challenging to fit all your thoughts into 140 characters at once. But with practice, everything will come – so let’s better talk about what you can do (free and paid) for the speedy development of your Twitter profile.

If you want to quickly develop your page here, you should first learn from those who have already achieved success – but do not try to copy their tweets or rewrite them in other words. This will not lead you to success. Authenticity and originality are highly valued on this platform, and you might not be able to write as brilliantly about certain events as more popular accounts can do, the main thing is to stay true to yourself. Therefore, you can use other people’s accounts for inspiration or trend tracking (by the way, you should also use hashtags on Twitter for this), but never copy what they post. Write about what is close to you, and (if you are a commercial account) try to get into the subject of your profile. Of course, a little offtop has not hurt anyone yet, but try to keep the golden mean. 

It’s also important to retweet regularly and respond to people’s tweets – this way you increase your chances of being noticed. In fact, the response to tweets here is equivalent to mass subscriptions on other social platforms. Here, people pay more attention to what someone said than to who subscribed to whom. If your answer is interesting, people may want to follow you, and in this way you may well begin to form your audience. But what if you’re really lacking subscribers and you need them as soon as possible? In this case you can use a chance to buy Twitter followers – further we’re going to talk about how to do it safely and efficiently. 

What is the chance to buy followers on Twitter even about? Is it helpful or harmful for your profile? Well, if it wouldn’t bring any benefits, people won’t be buying it, right? But we get where you’re getting your worries from: many users have a negative experience because of purchasing fake followers. What do we mean by that? You’re purchasing fake subs either way, but there is a big difference between purchasing fake bot subs and fake people subs. If you’re taking on the first kind, it is going to harm your account’s statistics as Twitter will see that your page is visited mainly by the fakes, so it is going to perceive your profile as fake as well. It won’t be recommended to real people and your profile will lose the opportunity to attract real people. 

But if you purchase fake people subs, you’re increasing your chances of being shown to other real people (potentially interested in your content), plus they might want to add your tweets to their favorites or even repost them if they find your content appealing and interesting. This is why it is very important to check what you’re buying and from who. Ask all of your questions at the beginning, before spending any money on the service, and do your research – what do other people think about buying services from this company? Don’t forget that the best results are being reached if you take on not only subs, but also retweets and comments and other features as well – it helps with creating a balanced and natural look of the profile.

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