How to speed up metabolism: the tricks to lose weight fast!

How to speed up metabolism: the tricks to lose weight fast!

Do you want to lose weight? Here are the most effective remedies and tricks to speed up your metabolism naturally and lose weight quickly.

Losing weight is undoubtedly a rather complex undertaking that requires many sacrifices, but if you follow the right rules it can lead to optimal benefits and results without too much effort. One of the most effective remedies is to act on the basal metabolism, speeding it up. But how to speed up metabolism naturally? Many tricks can help you in this regard: from a controlled diet to the right foods, to physical activity and the consumption of supplements, herbs, and natural remedies. Below we will reveal methods and secrets to speed up your metabolism and lose weight quickly. Ready to take note?

10 super foods that should never be missing on our tables!

Before going into the specifics, it would be good to remember that there are some truly miraculous foods that, if consumed regularly, can help our waistline and physical health. Here are what they are!

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  • Apples, apples are useful in the prevention of breast cancer and in the fight against “bad” cholesterol
  • Chia seeds
  • Nuts

1. The tricks to speed up the metabolism at the table: it all starts with the diet

One of the remedies to speed up the metabolism is undoubtedly choosing a correct diet. In fact, the right diet is the first step to speed up the metabolism in a natural way. But what are the rules to follow at the table? With small steps, you can adjust your diet and choose the right foods that will help you speed up your metabolism more easily, allowing you to lose weight faster.

Slightly increasing the amount of protein within a balanced diet will help your body lose weight faster. Also, the intake of quality proteins will allow you to speed up your slow metabolism. When we talk about quality proteins, we mean those that meet the needs of our bodies. This means opting for protein foods with high levels of amino acids, for example, meat or fish. Lean meats, eggs, and vegetable proteins are important foods for speeding up metabolism and reducing abdominal bloating.

Finding the right balance between the different types of foods within the diet is also essential, and if it is necessary to increase the amount of protein on the one hand, on the other it would be good to eliminate a part of carbohydrates from your menu. Thanks to this choice, your metabolism will start to accelerate. In fact, studies show that carbohydrates promote slow metabolism and contribute to weight gain. This sadly means saying “goodbye” to large amounts of pasta, bread and potatoes in your diet.

Balance is the keyword for weight loss. Although there are diets that do not limit the quantities, a good way to lose weight is to avoid gorging on food, even if healthy. You can use the palm of your hand as a measure for food portions. This means that the amount of protein to be included in your meal should be the size of the palm of your hand, while the size of your fist should be the equivalent of the carbohydrates to be included in the plate. This way you won’t overload your body with portions that are too large for your size.

2. What to eat to speed up metabolism: the best foods to lose weight

As just mentioned, reducing carbohydrate consumption is an essential starting point for speeding up your metabolism and facilitating your weight loss journey, but there are foods that, more than others, can help you reach your goal more easily. Let’s see what are the main foods that speed up metabolism.

  • Coconut oil is a valuable ally of slow metabolism. Using this type of oil, instead of traditional cooking oil, will help your body burn fat faster. Unfortunately, it is a more expensive oil than the usual supermarket oil, but on Amazon, you can find some real bargains like this 15 fl oz pack
  • Spices, especially cinnamon and ginger, promote the assimilation of sugar, helping the body to metabolize it up to twenty times faster
  • Eggs contain specific components such as beneficial proteins and fats that help improve metabolism.
  • Fish is perfect for the brain and memory, it helps burn fat. The “good” proteins and fats contained in fish, such as salmon and tuna, are in fact ideal for optimizing metabolism.
  • Nuts are a great aid to fat burning. The oils obtained from theese foods are in fact able to create a perfect balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in our body. Obviously we must not exaggerate in quantity.
  • Seeds are also a great choice for speeding up metabolism. Sesame, flax, sunflower or pumpkin seeds are rich in benefits for the body and help you lose weight. Also perfect as snacks to replace calorie and unhealthy snacks.
  • The tea, rich in antioxidants, helps fight the accumulated fat, accelerating the metabolism. Green tea is also perfect, which has always been one of the best foods to deflate and help in weight loss.
  • Legumes are also a valid food for naturally losing weight. Lentils, chickpeas, or beans are great foods that help you lose weight. Hummus or chickpea cream, for example, is a perfect snack to eat before exercising. In this way you will accumulate energy for the muscles and, during physical activity, you will go to burn fat more easily. Hummus is also ideal for controlling blood sugar levels and stabilizing hormones. A very healthy dish!

3. Physical activity, one of the most effective remedies to speed up the metabolism

As just mentioned, in addition to the right diet, to accelerate metabolism and speed up the weight loss process it is also necessary to do physical activity. But what are the most suitable sports to lose weight faster?

Running, exercise bike, and spinning – in
in general, activities that involve aerobic work – they are among the most effective disciplines to speed up the metabolism, as they allow you to burn many calories, toning the muscles at the same time. Even yoga and pilates, contrary to what one might think, are two suitable sports in these cases: it is not necessary to make excessive efforts to lose weight, just dedicate yourself to the right exercises. These two disciplines are two types of anaerobic work perfect for awakening a slow metabolism and facilitating an easy and fast weight loss.

In general, however, any type of physical activity, as long as it is regular and constant, is a great way to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. So let yourself be guided by tastes and preferences in choosing sports and make sure you practice them regularly: nothing will reward you more than constancy and continuous commitment.

4. Supplements and herbs for weight loss

It is also possible to speed up the metabolism with natural remedies. In fact, supplements, herbs, herbal teas, and infusions are other effective ways to facilitate weight loss, as they help to “awaken” a metabolism that is a little too slow. There are many supplements and herbal preparations suitable for this purpose: among the most effective products for speeding up the metabolism are ginseng, lycopodium, and agar agar, typical algae of the Atlantic area widely used in homeopathy.

5. Is homeopathy effective in speeding up metabolism?

Although some are skeptical, it must be said that even homeopathy can play the role of an adjunct in fighting excess weight by helping to speed up the metabolism in a completely natural way. In fact, there are many preparations, pills, and drops containing natural herbs and plants capable of having a beneficial effect on digestion and reducing the sensation of swelling and heaviness. However, always remember that each of these remedies, as long as they are effective, must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, intense physical activity, and a regular and balanced diet.