How to start a Fashion blog and become a Fashion blogger

How to start a Fashion blog and become a Fashion blogger

How to start a fashion blog? In this article, I will reveal all the steps to follow to undertake this career in the digital world. Until 10-15 years ago when it came to fashion bloggers it was believed that it was just a hobby to devote to in your free time, but since influencers are called as testimonials by big brands or appear on the covers of gossip newspapers, many have thought of trying this path.

Do you want your own fashion blog?

I can tell you how to go step by step, but you have to build the foundation of your work on solid and scalable foundations. I recommend that you use a professional, high-performance, and secure hosting service that makes your job as a fashion blogger easy.

A blog is a way to tell about oneself, a sort of diary in which one talks about one’s passions. If you dedicate yourself to fashion, to the latest trends on the catwalk, to combinations with different types of garments, and much more, then your own can be defined as a fashion blog.

Everything starts from a passion but, given the great attention of fashion multinationals in this area, it is not uncommon to become an influencer and transform a mere pastime into a job. To be able to get noticed among the many pages on the net, however, you need to know the basics of marketing and know which digital tools are best to use.

How to start a fashion blog and make money in 6 steps

Here are the steps you need to follow to start a successful fashion blog.

1. Observe other fashion blogs

To become a fashion blogger you don’t just have to start a blog but you have to love fashion and have an interest in what revolves around the fashion industry. There are some preliminary reflections to do before jumping headlong and inaugurating your own personal space. Step zero, to start a fashion blog, is to focus on the goal and plan the next steps. In fact, in the digital field without a strategy, you risk not going anywhere. In addition, you must have a solid foundation on which to build your home, there are WordPress hosting services capable of being up to this task.

Inspired by those who made it, if these people are where they are now it means that their tactic is the right one.

Specifically, you must observe:

  • Technical features
  • Contents, target audience;
  • The way to communicate
  • All channels to keep in touch with the community;
  • The design of the site

These are just a few aspects to consider, surely there will be many more, start writing them down to a file or notebook all the ones you like and would like to implement on your site as well. This does not mean copying but being inspired to give rise to a better project than the existing ones.

2. Know the basics of web marketing

How do you become a fashion blogger? Initially, you are alone for this you have to know how to do a little bit of everything: from model to photographer, from copywriter to social media manager. Later on, when you have made a name for yourself in this field, you will be able to afford to delegate but even, in this case, to see if your collaborators are doing a good job, you need to know the subject. That is why it is good that you specialize at 360 °.

If you want to know how to start a fashion blog you must be ready to learn the basics of web marketing because, unfortunately, the passion for fashion is not everything. In order not to remain a niche page, followed only by your friends and family, you need to know how to communicate effectively. You need to learn the strategies that allow you to bring your ideas to an ever-growing audience, including fashion companies.

Personal branding

You need to focus on personal branding: learn to promote yourself as if you were a product. Only in this way can you expand your audience and turn a pastime into a real job. Do not think that to work as a fashion blogger you will have to deepen exclusively the themes of fashion, these will only have to occupy 30% of your commitment, a large part of the success is made by marketing. You can approach this subject starting from the resources on my blog or online and then think about deepening the concepts with courses, webinars, and ebooks.

3. Distinguish yourself from other blogs starting from the name

how to start a fashion blog

After these initial reflections, I can provide you with real indications to know how to start a fashion blog. A very important part is the name, it is your business card so it must be:

  • impactful to immediately attract attention;
  • easy to remember;
  • different from the others.

One of the first steps to become a successful fashion blogger, in fact, is to stand out. If you opt for a nickname that is too similar to that of another fashion content creator, you risk not being noticed. Throw in this step as well as a wrong name can cost you success.

As you will see in the next paragraph, to open a fashion blog, it is advisable to buy a domain. Compose it with your brand name and some fashion references but don’t exceed the length. Finally choose your extension, for fashion sites are recommended:

  • the classics .net or .com
  • .me or .blog often used for personal pages
  • .shop if you plan to associate an ecommerce to the site in the future or .agency if you plan to create a fashion agency.

4. Select the platform on which to blogging

There are many platforms to start your blog and many of these are free. Don’t invest a single penny, if you’re just starting out and don’t know how to start a fashion blog yet, it might seem like the best solution. In this case, however, this is not the case as you must always aim for the best. The free platforms, in fact, are sometimes limited. in fact, these next two points are just two negative aspects that you will carry with you if you use completely free platforms:

  • your domain will be very long and will also include the name of the hosting platform; this could affect the indexing of the WordPress site.
  • the graphic templates you can choose to customize your site are limited, this does not allow you to make your blog truly unique. A professional and well-finished website is already a very important means of promotion, especially in the field of fashion.

Other times, choosing to create a free blog is a good way to make the first blogger experience without expecting too many pretensions. In any case, if your choice is still to open a blog for free then I suggest you read this guide I wrote in which I tell you all the tricks and tips to start a blog for free.

Having said that, the best choice to make is because it allows you to design your space in a completely personal way. The strength of this platform lies in the ease of use and in the boundless library of plug-ins always updated. Remember that this software is free and open-source but to use it you need a hosting: a paid service that allows you to save your pages and make them available online. Don’t worry though, there are many platforms that offer all-inclusive packages and support for both beginners and hosting for the more experienced.

If you want to make the leap then I suggest you buy a paid theme maybe on ThemeForest I like this because it is practically perfect for both the creation of websites, e-commerce, and WordPress blogs.

5. Find followers to become a successful fashion blogger

Once you have started your own fashion blog, you need to find followers. These are the target audience made up of people who have high esteem for your brand and who trust your advice. It is very important to capture the attention of those who follow you constantly, creating interesting content on a daily basis.

So knowing how to start a fashion blog is just the beginning, then you need to find someone to read and interact with your posts.

The site alone manages to convey a small audience, the channels that help you increase your followers are basically social networks. But be careful you don’t have to use them all, select only the ones that are useful to your blog:

  • Instagram allows you to share photos but also stories, which are very popular with the public. In this social network, in addition to fashion, you can talk about your daily life;
  • Twitter allows you to keep your fans updated with very short messages, here are the hashtags that will help you find your posts;
  • Youtube to create structured videos and capture an audience that loves to enjoy long and consistent content;
  • Tik Tok to show your passion in an original way, with small videos accompanied by different effects and musical backgrounds, to show everyone your creative vein.

6. Manage your own fashion blog

Once you have built a site and created the community, your work to know how to make a fashion blog is not finished, on the contrary, it is only at the beginning. To maintain the popularity you have gained, you need to create interesting content and update your pages often.

To be more productive you need to make an editorial calendar. On this, you will mark the posts you intend to publish on your site and all the social networks you manage. In this way, you will be sure to keep the interest of your followers high and offer new ideas to your community.

To be able to position yourself among the first results of search engines in an organic way, therefore without using paid ads, you must also learn how to create SEO (Search Engine Optimization) texts. It is a question of following very specific rules to create content that:

  • fully respond to user requests, which will therefore be more likely to visit your site;
  • they will be correctly classified by the search engines. The latter being programs, they do not read texts like humans. They are attracted by tags, that is, labels that classify the parts of the web page, so you have to choose the keywords well and pay attention to other small tricks. For example, divide the text with various titles and subtitles (defined as h1, h2, h3, and so on), use bold and bulleted lists for easier reading, etc.


Now that you know the steps to start a fashion blog and how to become a fashion blogger, you just have to put all my tips into practice and start your climb to success. If you are a fashion enthusiast with a lot of creativity and a desire to communicate then you are ready. You can do it! it all depends on you, don’t forget to let me know how it went.

In this article, we have seen how to build a fashion blog, and how to make it grow so that it becomes a real business. The focal point of the journey you are about to take is to choose a valid platform where to start uploading your content.

In this regard, is ideal because you can immediately have a custom domain and attractive graphics. Finally, don’t forget to choose the social networks that best represent you. At this point, you have all the information you need to begin your ascent to this extraordinary world.