How to view private instagram accounts

how to view private instagram accounts

We have all, at least once, looked for “How to view private Instagram accounts”, and in front of this search Google shows over hundreds of millions of results. Most of which however lead to ineffective solutions. What to do then?

Instagram is made for sharing photos and videos with friends and acquaintances, but also with complete strangers (if the account is public). In many cases, people who are particularly sensitive to their privacy choose to set the profile closed so as to manually control who can follow them and who can see their posts and their stories.

As a rule, you cannot spy a private account on Instagram: to see what it publishes you have to send the request and wait for it to be accepted. Something that not everyone is willing to do, especially if you want to secretly browse someone’s profile, without them knowing.

If you are a follower of a private profile and have been accepted by the account owner, you should not have problems viewing its contents as everything will be public (unless they have blocked you).

If you’re not an approved follower, things will be a lot more complicated when it comes to viewing posts and stories. Although there are many apps on the market that promise to bypass the system and allow you to view any Instagram account, even private ones, none of them keep their word, and those that work a little better are still flushed out by Instagram, which regularly corrects the vulnerability and blocks fraudulent services full of malware and advertisements.

How to view private instagram accounts with apps

As we said, there are several apps and services that claim to provide access to private Instagram profiles, such as Instagram Plus and Private Insta Viewer. Be careful, because most of these apps not only do not offer what they promise for free, but can have adware, viruses and put your account and device privacy at risk.

Create a fake account

A safe and legal trick to view what a private account publishes without following it is to do it under a false name.

Creating a fake Instagram account is not a fair practice and we do not recommend it, but if you are not averse to practicing the art of deception and want to avoid the embarrassment of sending the follow request, make sure that your fake account is realistic and as interesting as possible. Post quality photos and get a good number of followers before submitting your request. However, does not mean that the person in question will accept you (indeed there is a high risk that will leave you request pending).

Of course, if you know a colleague, friend or family member who is already an approved follower of the private profile in question, you could always ask them if you can peek at their photos and stories from their account.