How to work for Amazon from home

How to work for Amazon from home

Amazon is one of the strongest companies in the world, boasting billions of dollars in annual revenues and providing jobs for thousands of employees around the world. Having recently completed your studies, you are looking for a job and you are fascinated by the possibility of finding a job in the company founded by Jeff Bezos. However, you don’t currently have the ability to physically move out of your city, so you’d like to know if there are any open positions for remote Amazon jobs.

If things are as I described them (or in a similar way), I have good news to tell you: the online commerce giant regularly opens positions to work remotely and if you want, in this article, I can explain how to work for Amazon from home. In addition to showing you how you can send your application to work directly with Amazon, in the last part of the guide I will also show you how you can make money on Amazon by taking advantage of its affiliate program and selling products directly on the famous eCommerce.

So, what are you doing still standing there? Courage: make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to read this article, evaluate the open positions on the Amazon site and send your application following the instructions I will give you. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good luck with your career!

How to work for Amazon from home

As I told you in the introduction of the article, Amazon regularly publishes remote job offers, which the US giant calls virtual positions. Before seeing how to work for Amazon from home by sending your application for the positions in question, however, I would like to remind you that, as indicated on the Amazon site itself, “virtual positions are not available in all areas: Amazon allows you to discuss specific questions about positions during interviews with the recruiting manager ”.

That said, the first thing you need to do to check the availability of new open positions is to go to the Amazon site and, more specifically, to this page of the AmazonJobs portal. Next, scroll down the page you are on, so you can check which positions are available to work from home with Amazon. If you want, you can sort the results by the most relevant or the most recent: just select the Most relevant or Most recent item from the drop-down menu at the top right.

Using the buttons located on the sidebar on the left, however, you can apply certain filters, which will be useful for you to more easily identify the position of your interest based on the type of job, the job category, the city (as I told you, even if it is remote work, in some cases, it may be required to be present in a certain area), to the commercial category and so on. Once you have identified the offer that is right for you, click on the wording More information which is present next to it.

On the page that opens, you will find all the information regarding the offer you have found (in English, since knowledge of this language is essential for working with Amazon), which are organized into three sections: Description, containing a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities required for the position; Basic Qualifications, containing a list of basic skills that you must necessarily possess to submit your application, and Preferential Qualifications, containing a list of advanced skills that could increase the chances of being considered for the position in question.

I recommend: read carefully everything that is contained on the page relating to the position of your interest, so as to understand if you actually have the necessary characteristics to be able to send your application. If so, click on the yellow button Apply now, located in the upper right corner.

On the page that opens, create an account (different from the one you use to make purchases on Amazon). Therefore, write your email address in the text field located at the top, click on the yellow Continue button, provide the password you want to set to protect it in the text fields Enter a new password and Confirm the new password and click on the button Create account.

Now, write in the text field Enter code the verification code that was sent to you via e-mail to the address indicated during registration, click on the Verify button and, in the new page opened, access your account by typing e-mail address and password in the relevant text fields and pressing the Login button.

Once logged in, click on the Curriculum vitae item on the sidebar located on the left and select one of the available ways to upload your curriculum vitae: Use LinkedIn, to connect your LinkedIn profile to your AmazonJobs account; Explore the device, to upload a CV saved locally, or Use OneDrive / Use Google Drive / Use Dropbox to upload a CV from one of the cloud storage services in question.

Wait, therefore, for the CV to be uploaded to the system and click on the Next button. Once this is done, specify your contact information, filling in all the text fields in the form (Name, Surname, Telephone number, etc.), click on the Save and continue button.

Next, fill out the sections of the General Questions, Education, Job-specific question and Job Eligibility form, providing all the information you are asked for and clicking the Save and Continue button from time to time.

On the new page that has opened, put the checkmark on the box relating to the declaration taken regarding the veracity of the information you have provided, click on the Save and continue button, specify your gender (Female, Male or I choose not to self-identify), click once again on the Save and continue button, check that all the information entered is correct, click on the Send application button at the bottom right and you’re done.

Now all you have to do is wait. If you are deemed suitable for the position of your interest, you will be contacted by Amazon as soon as possible to arrange a possible interview.

You can check the status of your application from your AmazonJobs account: to do so, simply login to the latter (as I showed you a few lines above) and click on the entry Applications.

How to make money with Amazon from home

As I explained to you at the beginning of the tutorial, it is possible to make money with Amazon from home “indirectly”, without actually being hired by the American giant. In this case, I am referring to the possibility of subscribing to the Amazon affiliate program and selling products on Amazon. Let me explain both of these possibilities in a little more in detail.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon’s affiliate program can be a good earning opportunity, especially if you own a website, blog, or social profile that has a large following.

In this case, in fact, it is possible to promote the sale of the various products available on the famous e-commerce platform and obtain a small commission for each item sold in the following 24 hours. As well specified by the conditions of the affiliate program, the percentage of earnings varies according to the type of item sold.

To give you some concrete examples, by selling products that belong to the clothing sector, it is possible to obtain a commission on the sale generated not exceeding 11%, by selling products relating to the home it is possible to receive a commission not exceeding 8% while selling products belonging to the tech sector it is possible to have a maximum commission of 3.5%.

Selling products on Amazon

Being one of the most famous e-commerce sites in the world, selling products on Amazon is certainly an excellent earning opportunity.

As you can well imagine, commissions are applied to the sales generated, which vary according to the type of products marketed. To sell on Amazon you need to create a seller account, which requires the subscription of a plan among those available.

The Basic plan is the free plan dedicated to sellers who have a somewhat reduced sales volume, since it allows you to sell less than 40 items per month, applying a fixed closing fee of $ 0.99 and a commission per referral. variable according to the category to which the product belongs.

The Pro plan, on the other hand, costs $ 39 / month, does not provide for the payment of a fixed commission, but provides for the payment of a commission for the referral based on the category to which the product sold belongs. Compared to the Basic plan, the Pro one has no limit on the number of products that can be put on sale, of course.