How to Write a Social Media Essay?

How to Write a Social Media Essay?

Social media essays are common nowadays. Modern scholars, as well as younger individuals, are all about making new connections. Pupils generally cooperate with others online to communicate and interact with brands and even find dates and share their opinions.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the mainstays on the Internet. Social media are essential since students can meet new acquaintances and possibly begin a relationship through the Internet and later in the real world. Students today use social media to take in information and positively affect the world.

But writing a convincing essay on social media isn’t the same as tweeting or posting a Facebook status. Even the best bloggers, however, require assistance with their academic writing. Although a subject might be near to them and interesting to study, a little guidance would not be redundant.

Analyzing Social Media

Before you dive into choosing an area of interest, think about the main benefits and drawbacks of social networks!

Social media permits people to join with others and create an environment. It’s more about building connections instead of just posting and not engaging with people. It’s definitely changing the way that we express ourselves. There are numerous social networks with diverse goals, such as Linkedin, a social networking site designed for professionals, and Snapchat, a widespread online community primarily for teens.

There are a lot of drawbacks and advantages associated with social networking. Here are a few of the significant pros and cons the majority of people should be aware of:


Global relatedness. One of the primary objectives of any social media site is networking. It’s a fundamental attribute any social media platform can offer. One of the biggest and most significant benefits of social networks is the capacity for anyone to link, regardless of their country.

Virtual groups. This feature is among the most considerable advantages. Groups of all types let you exchange ideas and/or answer questions. They have superseded Internet forums.

Instant messaging. In the past, people had only two options for communicating: physical letters or a cable phone that didn’t provide a reliable service. Thanks to social media chats, we can connect with anyone we like in real-time.

Marketing and Skills exchange. Info-based jobs, Job Talent or LinkedIn, are among the most popular sites to find jobs. The current challenges of finding work have transformed these social networks into authentic opportunities to show off our abilities as professionals. The ability to learn languages, teach, trade, or share your hobbies is another aspect that has created a new method of social interaction.

Create a brand. Businesses can reach out to potential customers and candidates or provide greater exposure to their products with greater efficiency.


Privacy concerns. Sharing your location online or getting caught at work due to tweeting inappropriately and sharing too much detailed information with the general public could cause specific issues that can’t ever be resolved.

It can alter lifestyles and can cause disrupted sleep. Since social networking is all done via smartphones or computers, it is sometimes a reason to spend too much time in one location over a long period of time. The light beams from a phone or computer screen in the evening can affect your ability to sleep adequately.

Addiction. The habitual behavior that is triggered because of social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can provoke harmful effects. Social media fanatics always check their Feed or scan through friends’ pages. The urge to immerse in social media is highly addicting. Researchers from Chicago University concluded that social media addiction might be more influential than addiction to smoking cigarettes or alcohol.

Lack of emotional bond. The quality of discussions through social media is frequently low because it is impossible to feel the passion or emotion of the other party. You wonder whether they actually mean what they are saying.

Frauds & Scams. There are tons of fake accounts across various social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Billions of fraudulent accounts are removed each month.

Hacking. Most users do not know the security precautions they need to be aware of when using social networking platforms. Users share their beliefs, private details, and pictures on websites. This data could be valuable for hackers who want to access your social media accounts, email, and even your cell phone.

Final Suggestion

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