Tips for Choosing a Sofa

Tips for Choosing a Sofa

Making the right choice when it comes to a sofa or armchairs that are going to be part of your home for the next couple of years is important. If you don’t take the time to do a little research and start thinking about things before you go to the store, then you might start having doubts the moment the salesperson starts with the questions that will help them advise you on the best option.

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Below are 10 basic tips that will go a long way in helping you choose the right sofa or armchair you will love without having to be stressed and going crazy.

The sofa or armchair needs to catch your eye

There will be a wide range of colors to choose from, and you will notice this the moment you walk into the furniture store. Sofas come in different colors and sizes. You should not let the many options drive you crazy. Start by choosing a model you like the most, then find out the colors it comes in while keeping in mind where you are going to place it in your home.

If you are not sure about this, then consider choosing neutral colors. They tend to go with almost all types of décor, and you will not get tired with them when compared to the more garish colors.

Comfort above everything

Once you have chosen the model you like, the next step will be to lie on the sofa to make sure it is comfortable for you. This is where you have to be very careful and always remember your preferences. The sofa that you see as being fluffy now can end up being too soft in the long run (which is not good for your back).

There are different types of materials that can be used when filling a sofa or armchair, which is why you need to know the type of material you want for your sofa. You have to know how you are going to use the sofa or armchair. Are you going to use if frequently? Are there children or pets who are going to use it? Is it only you and your partner? This information will be helpful because the salesperson will use it when advising you on the best sofa to get.

Neither small nor big

Before you can go to buy a sofa, you should accurately take the measurements of the space the sofa or armchair is going to go. You should take both the width and length because looking at the sofa at the store might leave you thinking that it is smaller. This is because of the large exhibition spaces that stores usually have, which will deceive you into thinking that the sofa is going to fit in your home.

Textiles and fabrics

This is one of the most important things to consider when getting a sofa. When you choose the wrong option, you might end up with a fabric that the cat keeps scratching, or one that is hard to clean, or maybe one that absorbs dust when the window is open – which will make the maintenance of the sofa tough.


The shape of the sofa is as important as size. Sofas come in different types and models; rectangular, square, round, sofa-armchair combinations, chaise-lounges, modular styles, chesterfields… The shape you choose will depend on your budget and personal taste.

Listening to your décor

This can sound obvious for many people, but they tend to get carried away with the current trends and forget about what they have. You should think about your current décor because you don’t want to get a great sofa then realize that you have to change your curtains or other furniture because they are not matching well.

Height is important

Headrest’s height is an important thing to consider when buying a good sofa. If you misjudge the height of your head and neck, you risk getting a stiff neck, even if the sofa you have bought is the most comfortable in the world.

Price vs. Quality

When looking for a great deal, people look for good-looks with low costs, but it is very hard to find a combination of the two. When buying a sofa, keep in mind you are getting it for the long term (you are not going to get a new one every two years). You should not compromise on quality because you want a lower price (cheap can end up being expensive). Your comfort and health are also at stake.