Top 5 features every CRM needs

Top 5 features every CRM needs

A CRM for a large company must contain a number of essential functions. It may relieve a significant amount of effort by automating all sales procedures and helping organisations to handle prospects and current clients more effectively.

Before you buy, you should investigate the essential features and functions accessible, concentrating on what is currently available on the market and which specific functionalities your company wants. Because platforms differ widely, start by outlining your needs and then conducting thorough research.

And fortunately, we may have found just the perfect software for this which is TeleCRM.

TeleCRM is a tele-calling, sales CRM and automation app, with automatic lead capture/ assignment, Autodialer, smart automated follow ups, detailed employee tracking and call recording in a single dashboard.

5 must-have CRM features for your business

1. Auto-dialer:

  • Your tele-callers hate it when it comes to manually dialing numbers everyday.
  • There are chances that they end up dialing the wrong number and feel agitated.
  • They may also face a lot of situations whilst writing remarks in excel and noting down name reminders, which are regularly forgotten.

All of this takes up more than 15-20 minutes each hour of precious speaking time that could have been spent persuading people.

It genuinely helps them feel active, although unproductively!!!

WHAT IF there was ever a chance to use a system that would automatically type your Genius destroying task???


TeleCRM’s automatic dialer will relieve you of the pain of manually entering numbers.

You don’t have to be concerned about forgetting who to identify next.

Simply ring, speak with the customer, record your input, then push the next button, and you’re done!!!!

2. Call Feedback:

Clients will leave you faster than you realise if you have a bad conversation with them.

Imagine having a long conversation and then forgetting the key points on the next call.

Disaster! You made your customer feel unimportant, and they saw you as untrustworthy!

Give customers a great experience, and they’ll come back for more.

Reduce friction by looking for jumbled facts while putting the customer on hold. Keep track of everything in one location.

TeleCRM is your sedative!!

  • Impress clients by accessing pertinent data and documented information at the appropriate moment.
  • Remove the need for customers to repeat themselves.
  • Allow for individualised dialogues based on previous name feedback/notes.

Customers who have a pleasant journey believe they have been listened to, considered, and appreciated.

It makes a difference.

To sum it up in one line, minimise congestion and maximise your efficiency!!

3. Follow-up:

Missing subsequent meet-ups is quite a difficulty for your venture legitimate at this point.

What may likewise seem when you guarantee to name bring down a client at a particular time and disregard to do as such?? They start to lose trust in you and your result obviously, as an outcome your leads start to get lost in the noise!!

Imagine a scenario in which your customer is up for a buy, on the other hand when it was once time, it slipped from your plan to name him, reminding the installment..

An enormous misfortune for the business..

Indeed, you can presumably name lower back later and request something very similar, but you wouldn’t reject that there has been some change in your validity!

It doesn’t stop there; your guests are themselves bothered searching for and recalling whom they needed to get together with, at what time, day or a year and the spot did they write down that data. It makes worry in them of dropping on a proper arrangement, their expense and organizations benefits.

Clients are overwhelmed with decisions. There are an assortment of product and transporter organizations who give the indistinguishable issue as you. So how would you regard the possibility of who has picked your business?

Using TeleCRM, make your customers experience significant, win their trust, procure more prominent pay for the endeavor and get rid of the concern of lacking out on a reasonable arrangement!!

Plan Automatic Follow-up Calls, with the goal that nobody in your group at any point misses a subsequent call.

Send Customized Follow-up Messages to each prospect immediately after every single call without a moment’s delay from the application via WhatsApp, Email, or SMS.

Repeating Follow-up Option-Consistently consent to up leads till both the deal is shut or the lead says he is presently not involved any longer.

Subsequent meet-ups are at this point not exclusively a gadget for bringing a deal to a close, but also a way to current yourself and your organization.

A reasonable consent to up name may likewise be basically the update a possibility wishes to go ahead of time with a deal, showing your thought as appropriately as the development and incredible skill of your business.

4. One-click WhatsApp:

70% of the customers don’t change over essentially after the principal call. 80% of your customers require follow-up messages after their first collaboration!

The world is stronger and noisier than any time in recent memory, and premium is our most cherished asset.

To home into individuals’ cerebrums you need to be in customary touch! Yet again leaving them on their own personal will open for them hundred entryways of decisions!

Sending typical messages might sound advantageous anyway it bombs with regards to saving loads of numbers and keeping records.

A simple way should be:

– Basically calling a new lead.(seems tired anyway have need)

-Tapping on WhatsApp symbol on the work area

-Type customized message/pick from currently saved formats.

-Click send.

-Rehash, till you keep !!


Templates can now not exclusively help you perform responsibilities quicker, but they can also retailer you cash by eliminating the need to buy more prominent programming.

5. Lead capture:

Envision the shock your buyer gets when you name him the subsequent he visits your site/fills that anticipated study structure!

The wow issue is not matchable!!

Since now,

-You will not need to make them review you.

-They’ll get the exceptional 5 megastar buyer supplier experience.

-You can immediately come to the heart of the matter, give a clarification to what you give and very without issues shut the arrangement.

As indicated by – – – there are – – probabilities of settling a negotiation, when a supporter himself comes for yourself and you catch him at the legitimate time.

TeleCRM amasses every single leads at one single spot, eliminating :

– Your uneasiness of lacking out on even a solitary lead.

– Extreme responsibility of uniting leads from more than one construction to one single.

– The additional expense, and ofcourse.

– The waste of time and effort of your team.