What Is Mobile Advertising Strategy And How It Works?

What Is Mobile Advertising Strategy And How It Works?

The times when business owners tried to promote themselves using announcements or TV ads have passed. The 21st century is the time of mobile advertising. What does it mean? Well, this marketing strategy presupposes creating an ad campaign for mobile apps (social media or web browser), transforming ads to make them readable and attractive if viewed from a mobile phone. The growth in mobile marketing popularity is connected with the high percentage of mobile phone usage. Almost 90% of people use smartphones to browse the Internet, use social media, and even work.

So, companies decided to advertise on mobile phone apps. However, mobile advertising strategy sometimes allows advertising via SMS, MMS, and email. Still, social media and other apps turn out to be the most popular and effective for marketing. Telegram became one of the most popular social media platforms for advertisers, so if you plan to use telegram ads, do it on Telega.io. This platform was created for advertisers and channel owners who want to benefit from each other.

Even though you may think that Instagram is the most widely used social media, Telegram ads proved their effectiveness many times. The way it works on mobile devices hardly differs from any other advertising method: you search for the right channel, contact its owner, discuss the opportunity to buy ads, and then create a campaign and launch it. If you work with a Telegram advertising platform like Telega.io, you’ll spend less time on launching your campaigns.

Telega.Io — The Best Telegram Ads Platform

Telega.Io lets advertisers place their materials in Telegram channels. This Telegram ads platform lets people promote the products they create or services they have, or even their own Telegram channels. Apart from that, many Telegram accounts for sale options can be found which are helpful to do promotions for any product. It’s convenient because advertisers get access to the database of the best channels, that are manually verified. So you don’t need to browse the Internet in search of a reliable channel with good statistics — Telega.Io have done it for you. 

We have ready-made packages of Telegram channels on different topics. They have a lot of subscribers and a large number of views. Even though all services on our platform are paid, the price of ready-made ads packages is rather high, but it corresponds to the result you get. If you want to use a budget option, please, have a look at Hot Deals with discounts. There are many good offers for you. 

Telega.io is also popular among channel owners who are searching for people ready to advertise on Telegram. New orders on our exchange appear almost every minute, so they don’t need to wait too long to earn from selling advertising in your channel. There’s a catalog of bots and channels for Telegram advertising, and both advertisers and channel owners can use it to find a perfect offer. Users can filter results by topics, language, price, number of followers, and minimum order.

No matter what is your budget and purpose — sign up to Telega.Io and create an ad campaign in 15 minutes.